Our new House help:)

We have a new house help, it’s been for more than 4 months now that he’s doing the cleaning in our house. His name is Benot and he’s a Nepali. He told us that he came from one of the provinces of Nepal, a place wherein no roads yet, no telephones and no schools.

From his face you’ll notice at first that he’s a nice person so at once I told my hubby that I have a good vibration (a positive one!) that this person would be our househelp for good.

Back to Benot, he’s in his thirties and he is soft-spoken and has fine manners. Every Friday he comes to our abode for his weekend spring cleaning. He is staying in the Industrial Area, it’s quite far from our place but he really makes it every 8 in the morning. First rides in a bus (Karwa) then walks from the bus stop to our house ( I guess 2 kilometers). He’s so good in his job. This is the kind of a person whom you can trust, sometimes without telling him he extends much far from his usual chores like cleaning my hubby’s shoes or even without telling him he’ll even take out our clothes from the dryer and hang it.

And every Friday we make it a point that before he starts his work here in our house he should have breakfast first and since it’s a weekend we usually wake up late so he just manage himself for a cup of coffee or a tea and a bread or usually we eat kubos ( it’s an Arabic bread).

Every lunchtime we usually let him tell stories while we are eating, the usual one’s, like how life is in their country or about his family.

He finished his secondary education so there’s no problem conversing with him. He can talk English well. And he told us that he started his education late already, at the age of 10. Since their home is surrounded by mountains and they have to walk for 10 kms. every day just to go to school. And going to college needs more money so he has to stop finally to work and eventually got married and had 2 kids.

And the rest is history he ended up here in Qatar for some work and we told him that he can place a call to his family using our Skype connection but he said thanks but he can’t coz there’s no telephone yet in their place.

that’s for now…to be continued…

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