Look Who’s Turning 4!

In a week’s time, our adorable boy will be 4. We planned and booked a simple celebration for him with his classmates in his classroom. His request is to have a Power ranger toy to add to his collection and a Power Ranger decor on his cake.
It’s been more than a month that he’s going to the school every weekdays and for that period of time he changed a lot. He’s more mature compared to the times that he just stayed at home.
He’s enjoying his school every bit. Every day he would come home with a new song, a new lesson learned and he turned to be more independent and more confident of himself.
In retrospect, on the first day of his school, he didn’t even cry. Upon entering the classroom, he sat down and played the legos on the table and listened to the teacher. His daddy and I waited outside of the classroom but we realized there’s no need to wait there- he’s very much ready to go to school. And every day if waken up to prepare for school he’s not difficult to wake up even his eyes are still close he would open his mouth to every spoonful of food. He is really a big boy now. Gone is my baby. He’s excellent in the school. Almost all of his tests are perfect. I’m beaming with pride to be his mother.
In each day, he’s the one who would ask for us to study his lessons. Going to school for him is like a play, no sweat. We talked to them (to Sean and his sister) that everyday they need to take a nap after school then study their lessons and make their assignments then they can play. And it’s working for us. I believe that each kid needs to rest as well not only study and play. So there our little boy is now becoming a big boy with big brain too! We love you!

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