On Friendship!

Friendship is a Gift that nothing in this world could compare, not even a treasure of wealth.

Friendship is not measured on earthly gifts you have given to her, but it’s measured on the depth of trust, honesty, loyalty and understanding you can give or offer.

It doesn’t mean that when you give, one should reciprocate what you have given… When you give, you give it with your heart…you don’t expect that something will be given back to you.

Friendship should not be on the grounds of financial or monetary accessibility. Remember that money is the route to eternal damnation!

Friendship doesn’t mean hurting each other ‘coz the event didn’t turned out the way you want it to be. When you don’t want something from her be it simple to some delicately complicated thing go straight and talk to her in a right manner. Friendship doesn’t mean that you’ll backstab her with all your meanness and irrationalities or illogicalness…

All of us are human beings… and all of us have or had shortcomings in our lives be it a normal problem or a nerve wracking, painstaking, head spinning one. And we are here as friends to help each other and not to make things worse.

Don’t judge all the people around you! Check first yourself, meditate on your life… is your conscience clear from impurities of life? Or is it as muddy as most of the other human beings too! Before you point your accusing fingers on others see first yourself in a mirror and direct your attention to yourself.

Friendship doesn’t accept a blockage on from what race, religion or social status you came from. It is the true acid test of friendship. Stop being so righteous…’coz everyone has its own dilemma to face and combat.

Friendship also means being true to your friend and not talking about her in her back. Gossiping and envy are very much related. It’s like sisters in crime. Remember envy will destroy you as you destroy others.

One should not be so envious of the other ‘coz that’s the time that one will compare herself to the other to the point of losing the essence of what friendship should be. If your friend found a good life be thankful for her that she has such blessing. Don’t whine with the inadequacies of your life, the grace from Daddy GOD is so abundant that HE doesn’t want to spare anybody from it.

Don’t count the material things that you have. And don’t ever compare it to others especially to your friend, ‘coz from it, sometimes you will see that she has more or less than what you possess.

The true meaning of friendship sprouts from your adherence to some religious moralities and philosophies. And your Christianity shows on how you treat your friends…

The manifestations of being a Christian doesn’t mean only reciting those prayers and going to a Sunday mass, but its true implication in the inculcation in mind and deed of the Christian obligation in your e everyday life here on earth. It’s on the matter of application of what you’ve learned about being a Christian.

Friendship means helping each other not only in times of strife and sorrow but also in some nitty gritty things. You have two hands, one is for helping others and the other is for yourself.

Good friendship stands out even from the murkiest water. It will soar in the skies with all the good intentions. Being a good friend is not very hard to fulfill, one needs only a pure heart. But, I think it needs self-rectification to achieve one.

Respect others. Friendship should be accompanied with respect without it friendship will not survive. Respect others and they will also return your respect to them. Think of what you want to talk to others if its implication would be for better and not for worst outcome. But here in this place others love to backstab than to offer a pure friendship. Gossiping is just like a cookies ‘n cream flavored ice cream. They don’t feel ashamed of themselves if they do it coz almost all are doing it.

People who belong to that specie are the lowest level of mankind here on earth. Their brains are only capable of processing that kind of nonsense ness…

Analyze this…meditate on what you’ve been doing to your “friends” and to others. Do you deserve to be called a friend? Are you not ashamed of your mistreatment to others? Don’t camouflage yourself with the color of friendship; better show your true self! It doesn’t make sense at all!!! You are liken to a beast with seven swaggering tongues and a tail that you use like your microphone.

It’s better to be alone and not to harm others than with the crowd and be nasty to others. Don’t be a traitor, be a true friend!

And one thing I want to point out is that maturity on friendship doesn’t correlate with a person’s age. As a person grows she or he becomes more adept with the tricks of life. It’s better to have young or a baby for a friend. Their brains are still pure like white cloth.

So far, here in Doha, you can’t easily find the true meaning of friendship. Usually it’s accompanied with greed, envy, wrath, and damnation… especially if you will not lend money and other material things.

Luckily, I found but only few!

Maybe, there’s still there outside my world of interaction…

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