On Being Positive

It’s not hard to be happy despite all the negative things that happen to us each day. As much as possible I want to think on the positive side. I want to share something nice, something that could make another person happy and not to dampen my friend’s mood or who ever I’m talking to. A smile on the lips, a pat on the back, a warm hug from a family or a friend are just simple gestures but is worth a million or more. It can make a person’s day happier that somehow there’s somebody who cares, there’s somebody who loves him/her, there’s somebody who reaches out with positive aura thus making all the people around feel good. It is of big importance of how we make other people feel good. Being grumpy and cold makes you sadder and all the negative vibes will be on you. You’ll start to think all the negative things and you’ll be paranoid of a person’s actions against you.

Even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed then it’s up to you if you’ll going to continue the show of sprinkling negative vibes to the people around you. As a mother of two kids, even if I feel down due to some physical exhaustion of running the house of juggling different roles in my everyday life still the show must go on, still I have to be happy if I’ll succumb myself to that negative feelings then everybody will be affected so it’s really a big thing that has a huge impact on our life, it’s just a matter of choosing what you want for yourself and for your family.

If you want yourself to be miserable then go on and make your self miserable and other people lives miserable but how would you know if other people also wants to be sad, or to be a part of your pack? If you want a direct answer, then here it is, go on and make your self miserable and I’ll go on with my happy life.Why it’s sometimes difficult to say nice things? Why sometimes it is difficult to accept some simple truths on things? Why sometimes people can’t help but notice the negative things and linger much on that aspect rather than look on the positive side. Why some people are happier to know that somebody is struggling to keep his/her life better? 

We live only once in this world. We have only one life then why not make it richer in love and generosity. Giving love to others can make a person happy. You can make a difference in this world. Start your day with a smile. Hug and forgive what you think others have failed you. Smile more and talk with sincerity. Offer genuine help that comes from the heart and not the fake one which makes you more sad if you found out that the person you have given your help somehow found his/her way out from the dark and soared high. It’s the feeling of compassion. Again we live only once and better make it a happy one. Daddy God is waiting for you:) 

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  1. exactly! with two teenagers though, who seem to know everything and parents don’t, it is hard not to get mad. good thing, i don’t harbor ill feelings toward them that long otherwise it will pull me down.

    isn’t it nice to live in a world full of love, happiness, and compassion?

    sorry, i have been busy for the last two weeks entertaining guests that i have been able to visit your blog.

  2. it’s ok tita belle! me too medyo busy with ate princess nearing her school we have to prepare her for the real school.
    don’t let anyone rain on your parade!
    Be happy and sprinkle your love, more hugs and kisses.

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