On Being a Parent: Plan A or Plan B?

As a mom to my toddler on her terrible twos my parenting style changes to suit the quick changing attitude of my daughter. If style A won’t be successful then refer to style B, but sometimes it seems that all of the above won’t work then it’s the time that we should meet halfway. As much as possible. I don’t want to give in to every demand my witty toddler makes.

I always teach and remind her that it’s important to share her toys to a playmate and she would say that she will and she knows how to share but the problem is sometimes other kids would want to take everything from her so that’s the start of the chaos.

Like what happened when a neighbor toddler was outside our house when little P and her nanny were playing outside and with her nature of being generous, she quickly ran inside and took the racquet. But what happened next the kid was aiming the racquet to her face. still she played with her and even invited the neighbor toddler to come up to the second floor to play with her toys.

Next thing that happened, the two of them were screaming. Seems that neighbor toddler wants to hoard every toys insight and everything that ate P would touch she’ll grab.

And last resort was to let the neighbor toddler to go home before worst scenario would occur.

I don’t want that my daughter be bullied so before it happens i make it sure that my toddler will be safe.

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