Of Friends

It’s been three consecutive weeks that we were either going out or staying in our house or in our friend’s place every weekend. The first time we met was in their place for a dinner and the first time that Princess saw our new friend’s kid, also about ate P’s age (older by two months to be exact) they automatically got along and played but there’s the normal scenario of yelling and fighting for a certain toy both of them want to play with.
We are glad that we met a new family, a new friend. Friends whom you can give trust and you can share stories about our family life and the good thing as a mother I learned a lot from her, especially on parenting.
And ate Princess is also enjoying everytime that they’ll play but quite a little difficult on the part of saying goodbye to each other; either one of them will cry.
It’s good to have a friend that truly cares for you, who gives advices that came from their hearts. We are so blessed to have them.
We enjoy the every-friday lunch at three in the afternoon til night. Had a great time playing table tennis, eventhough i’m just a starter on this game. And, we had a great time with you guys on our weekday trip to the park. Hope and pray that we’ll be friends for life…

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