got a lot to do today but i prefer to slouch my back on the sofa and watch movie while my little pretty rabbit is still in her deep slumber but i have to prepare also her carrots so that she’ll not be on a hopping game again today. her hands are so swift, everytime she’s sleeping i make sure that her dodo puppy and all her food are prepared already to avoid some objects from flying. the other day, she doesn’t want to sit in her chair so momsy has to carry her while making her milk but on a second everything was on the floor. her two hands are always busy on grabbing things.
we usually wake up at 5 a.m. and it’s a daily routine to go around the house and open all the blinds and curtains and after is have our coffee or tea while daddy is preparing himself for office. before, little bunny the rabbit would not mind her dada leave the house for work but now it seems that we have to let her dada make his exit in another door and momsy has to make something to divert her attention. she love’s to go out always.
it seems that her walking skills with a walker has improved a lot, now she can run and eventually i think she will not be using her walker. bunny the rabbit knows now to use her pointing finger, so funny she kept on poking our eyes and nose.
whew! 4 more months and she’ll be one year old. i can’t imagine her running around our house and hiding in cabinets. even now if momsy calls her she runs away from me, such a naughty baby! i should be preparing her birthday party as earlier as i can be. i have to make a great plan for her big day. again i’ll be on to making invitation list and invitation cards – thanks to U-lead it will make things easier; theme of the party; make souveniers ( ahhh!!! i’m into goin’ all over doha — souks, malls and small stores for novelty items, ribbons, flowers…etc; contact a restaurant for adult and a fast food for kids, decide on the games for kids and as well as make a design for her gown (hahaha it seems that it’s her debut!) pink! that would be her motif and i think al nasser garden would be the great place, there’s a big multi-purpose hall and a big pool also for kids. chinese foods and filipino dishes from oriental restaurant and don’t forget Mcdonalds for the kids but i’ll just hide first princess friend denise in a room if the mascot arrives… worst thing will happen if she sees him. oh! how i love the swarovski crystal- a ballerina for the souvenier but it would cost us a lot! i think i’ll wait for her 18th b-day. we love you our PRINCESS!!!

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