Not Yet Late for My 2006 New Year’s Resolution

This blog of mine has been on hiatus for quite a longer time, i guess after i delivered my baby boy i stopped writing here and concentrate on the blogs of my babies, whew! But here i go again for the nth time trying to make some resolutions for this new year, hope i could materialize and stick to it til i achieve most of my goals.

–Exercise more, shed off 20 kg, i know it’s like i’m dreaming but I CAN MAKE IT!!!
–Be religious with a low-carb diet.
–Learn more on Powerpoint, Access and Adobe
–Be more patient
–Being a mom is a two way learning process, i want to learn more from my babies.
–Be more active in posting in my blog and as well as the other two blog accounts, for my toddler and my baby
–Invest in a new business that would give a total Return on INvestment, not just a crap!
–Hopefully, i’ll be on a workplace again (I know, this would be the last thing I should do since my babies are still small, they still need me)
–Stop my worries on everything and be as cool as I want to be.

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