my worm-like baby!

now that princess is seven months old she learned lots of craps from faking a cry to ear-drum crashing shrieks, baby bouncing and tugging mom’s hair, spit-on-her-face session and as well as on mom and dad’s face, eating her fat momsy toe, and what more to come? it’s been nearly two weeks that she’s onto her wormlike inching away from her pool. everytime that we put her inside her seemlike-haven she’ll start pushing herself out and land on the floor with her head first.
until now she doesn’t know how to crawl. she’ll just keep herself on rolling back and forth in our bed whenwever i put her to sleep or dress her up. seems that mom dimple is getting some difficulty in putting her dress on. princess is soo active and energetic.
she’s becoming more emotional too. she know’s now how to kiss mom and dad and give them her sweetest smile.

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