My Sweet Sean

Sean is on his 4th month now, such a sweet and very good baby, easy to take care (doesn’t whine, being happy is his nature!) that’s why Momsy has ample time to do other things. He’s emotional, once he hears a loud voice he’ll burst to tears and say “ma-ma!” But he is easy to comfort, just hug him and make some animated sounds or tickle him and he’ll be okay again.

One definite character of Sean which is literally opposite to his older sibling (his older sister, a toddler on her terrible twos!) is being sweet and cuddly, he’s a happy baby, always wears a smile that would gradually change to laughter.

Maybe it’s his milk (MOmsy is nursing him), i gave him formula milk for only 2 weeks and settled with breastfeeding, still mom’s milk is the best for baby Sean and now with the introduction to different foods (vegies and fruits) he likes to eat and spit:)

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