My Positive Friends:)

I am happy to say that somehow I have positive friends. They are not that much but suffice it to say they are ten thousand more. I’m still lucky to have a few of them. They are heavenly sent angels in my life. They are the persons that make me smile. They are my friends that show respect and always on my back if ever I need help. Isn’t it nice to have them in your life? I am proud to say that I have friends who can cheer me up and not dampen my mood whenever I talk to them. They are my friends who speak good things about others and not talk ill about their detractors. Someone who brightens up your day, near or far, yes, I can still feel their presence.

They are my friends who are so caring that you can feel their sincerity that you can differentiate them from those who are just so nosy that after the confidentiality of what you just shared you’ll hear it from another person with another side story, of course, a newer version tailor made according to the views of the who shared it.


They are my positive friends who always look on the positive side of the issues. They talk of nice things, and if ever they’ll mingle with some delicate issues they always manage to tell you the lighter side rather than the dark side.My positive friends are always fair.

They don’t let negativities rule their lives. Even they have dilemmas of their own still goodness and positiveness emanates their personalities. I’m proud to say that they are my friends! And I thank them for having me as their friend. Love you friends!Sometimes

I feel fed up of those persons who always talk the bad things of their other friends, take note, as they claim that they are friends or close friends or worst best friends. If things don’t turn up the way that they want it then they’ll start assassinating the person itself and not discuss the issue per se.Sometimes they speak too much what’s in their minds and not thinking of what others might feel on their rampage of bitter words. One day they are nice to you and the next day they are more like of a bull who happen to be out of its pen.

Sometimes I have to remind myself not to be affected by their black spell. They are those persons who claim my friends but still they talk behind my back. Don’t forget we live in the same circle of friends that what you have said about us pass from one tongue to another until it reaches us. What is funny here is sometimes they tend to be nice; they sweet talk us with those sugar coated praises. They are nice to the kids but I guess sometimes it’s hard to pretend that their claws are showing behind those soft words and angelic faces.

Sometimes it’s nice not to listen to them. I practice sometimes the deaf ear. It’s like hearing something which I really don’t; it’s like processing something that can’t be processed.

Again, having positive friends are worth not just even a thousand but its like having a million. 

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  1. 100% agreed…. I second the mission….

    I thank the Lord for giving you to me Tita… for giving all the comments good or bad (but always a constructive criticism!) than telling all praises but behind your back you know……….

    Ha ha ha ha……….. What’s important is We Are Happy in our Life…….

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