My Little Superman Returns!

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This is my son, Sean Linus who’ll be turning into his terrible two’s this coming month of August. He’s a charming li’l boy who loves to do antics to his older sister Andrea. He thinks that everything that his sister is doing he can also do and most of the time I found him trying on the girly shoes of his older sister, carrying pink bags of his sister and there’s another instance also that he raided my closet and tried on my stilletos too.

I’m a little bit worried that he’s playing with dolls and sometimes put on his head headbands or sometimes he’ll try to stick the pink pins on his hair. But then again my hubby would reassure me that he’s still small and he’s just copying his sister and he has no other playmate in the house aside from Andrea so most of his actions would be based on what his sister is playing with.

But mind you, he’s super tough, one time he did something to her sister while we were in the airport, he did some uppercut jab to his sister that really made Andrea cry since her lower lip had been cut and there’s blood and I was telling him to stop and he was like on the form of “bring it on mom!” his posture can be liken to a boxer on the ring who’s going to give another blow. He did not move and we walked away from him because we’re going to the departure area but then I had to go back because he was still there where we left him and I had to carry him because he did not want to say sorry to his sister.

He loves the humongus purple dinosaur (Barney) very much and as well as Winnie the Pooh and the 100-acre friends. And he likes superheroes too, Spiderman and Superman. He’s so cute when he would say, “go web!” with matching arm streching forward while fingers are trying to copy how Spidey would do it in the movie.

His grandparents were so happy while playing with him because his not a cranky boy and he easily adapts to his environment like it was his first time to go home to Pinas and he was so friendly to his cousins and very sweet especially to his grandfathers on both sides.

He is funny too sometimes he’ll tickle you or chase you around just to start up with  a play. I always want to hear his small voice when he talks and he can say words clearly.

And he’s so cute when he’ll say “dede, dede” while holding out to me a shawl when he wants milk, yes, until now I’m giving him my milk and still he doesn’t want formula milk and good thing is that he’s eating 3 meals a day plus the snacks.

His uncle gave him a gift, that Superman costume in the pics and he’s so happy while running around the house with the outfit.

We love you my little superhero!

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  1. Thanks for gracing my site Jose! Indeed, having kids is great especially that they are now super talkative kiddos.

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