My hand is in my hussyfskap!

I don’t go to work…

My mind is always taxing on everything that I want to finish before I deliver my second baby from making my little Munchkin’s scrapbook, editing some videos taken during our vacation, transferring to a new flat (hopefully, we find the flat that we wanted) to getting organize again the wardrobe of our upcoming baby boy. I know for sure, that if I’ll not finish all those stuffs and some nitty –gritty things I would be having no time at all for I’ll be occupied with our new baby and my naughty-yet-sweet toddler.

Yes! I don’t go to work but I ‘m occupied with house works everyday. I don’t go out to make a living but giving my full time,care,attention and love to my family is great enough than going to work and putting my toddler in a nursery with dozens of kids of different nationalities and be yelled at or bullied by another child.

I no longer go to work yet I have my daily routine of work…I do the laundry, iron clothes, cook meals, mend some broken stuffs, clean the house, do the dishes, do some needlework if needed, dust furnitures, fold clothes and keep our closets well arranged, vacuum the floor and keep our haven tidy from all the messy toys and books of our little darling.

You are right! I’m now a plain housewife who changes our beddings every weekend and do the bed everyday. Kept all mirrors and glass surfaces free from dusts, does the groceries every weekend (of course with my loving hubby and my little munchkin and soon I’ll be having my baby angel so just imagine me finishing our groceries while pushing a stroller for a newborn baby with an active toddler who can’t stay in her stroller while tugging another trolley for the goodies!)

How I wish I have some superpowers like the mom in the film The Incredibles! Surely in five minutes all of my errands would be finished. But wait if I’ll be having some superpower then little munchkin Andrea would be having hers too for she is my daughter, oh no! I can’t handle it coz surely she’ll be the “violent V” heheheh and my baby angel would be like “Dash” I guess I can’t handle it …So it’s better to be just like the other normal human beings.

Back to my being a plain mom who doesn’t go to work but does all the work in the house, I’m also the all-the-time-regular playmate of my little bunny (who’s 19 months old) and the all around “yaya”, a teacher, a friend and a mother. So as you can see my hands are full already of jobs to do so why would I go out and need more…

Maybe yes but after four to five years or more…who knows?

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