Movies Every Night

Movie time is after dinner (if it’s still early)  and on the weekends. Sometimes we watch 3 movies in a row. |We are waiting for the new episodes of TV series 24, LOST, Prisonbreak, HEROES and American Idol.

Here are the movies that we have inside our XBox:

  1. 88 Minutes
  2.  Alpha Dog
  3.  Antbully
  4. Apocalypto
  5. Cars
  6. Catch a Fire
  7. Charlotte’s Web
  8. Cinderella 2 Dream Come True
  9. Disturbia
  10. Employee of the MOnth
  11. Fantastic Four
  12. Fracture
  13. Free Jimmy
  14. Freedom Writers
  15. Hannibal Rising
  16. I Think I Love My Wife
  17. Little Miss Sunshine
  18. Live Free or Die
  19. Mr. Bean’s HOliday
  20. Mr. Brooks
  21. Open Season
  22. Over the Hedge
  23. Perfect Starnger
  24. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
  25. Pirates of the Carribean- The Curse
  26. Premonition
  27. Pride and Prejudice
  28. River Queen
  29. Scrat No Time for Nuts
  30. Stranger than Fiction
  31. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  32. The Astronaut Farmer
  33. The Contract
  34. The Departed
  35. The Fountain
  36. The Guardian
  37. The Holiday
  38. The Last Mimzy
  39. The Lookout
  40. The Lost City
  41. The Number 23
  42. The Queen
  43. Transformers
  44. The Tripper 
  45. The Wild
  46. Trsitan and Isolde
  47. Vacancy

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  1. you have quite a selection there. no tagalog movies?

    am not much into watching movies. i simply don’t have time to watch. sometimes, i would join my daughters watch a movie but i usually end up sleeping..hehe unless the movie is quite interesting.

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