Mountain Hiking

As part of the activities that we set for our stay in my hubby’s place, we went mountain hiking to my father in law’s ranch. In going there, it would take 2 hours, we had to climb 3 mountains and a very looong walk!

hiking1.jpg   hiking4.jpg   hiking6.jpg

It was the first time that I rode on the back of a carabao and as well as Ate Princess. I thought that it would be easier and not tiring to ride on it than to walk but I was wrong, I had to use more effort in keeping myself steady and go with the flow of the carabao’s back muscle whereever it would sway especially in going downhill. And there’s another carabao, a smaller one, who kept on rubbing itself to the one that we are riding and it just came to my senses that it wants to be near to its mom, and our foot kept on being crushed whenever  the baby carabao would come near us.

hiking2.jpg   hiking3.jpg   136_3677_1.JPG 

It was also Kuya D’s first carabao ride. The second picture, Ate P and Mommy (ate Amy’s Mom). 

When we reached our destination, Papa San gave us a treat! Lots and lots of young coconuts (buko)! We feasted on the fresh buko and the kids were busy with their sling shots and the target, a tree near the cows.

hiking5.jpg   136_3692_1.JPG   136_3690_1.JPG

The above 1st picture, I took this while we were on top of the 2nd mountain.

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  1. oh my, you guys went real mountain hiking. two hours? that was too long of a hike especially in our kind of humid hot weather. you guys were brave! the most i hiked in the province was half an hour. i bet you guys were extremely tired even when you had to ride on a carabao part of the time. but it was great family adventure, i hope.

  2. it was tiring but we want to go back there in our next vacation, sobrang ganda ng mga views while we were on top of the mountain sayang nga lang at nag low bat ang digi-cam ko kaya i had few shots lang.
    and it was also very hot, in going there, partly i rode in the carabao as well as ate Princess but in going back home we just walked.
    at first i was carrying sean and then my father-in-law helped me and they were like flying in going down the mountain,the two of them were so fast, we can’t catch up on them while me and mommy(ate ams mom) were like crawling the steepy part of the mountain and there was a time that we just slide and let go of our bottoms.
    it was fun and the views while on top of the mountain was breathtaking. tara mountain climbing tayo!

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