Mommas Day out

Last Wednesday we had a wonderful day out with other co-school moms. After sending my daughter my new friend Ida (Indonesian) together with Tina (Filipina) they talked me out in going to VIllagio Mall for some shopping spree and then came Mavis and Chocho (a Burmese nice old friend for 5 years). At first, I was so hesitant in going with them because I had a laundry basket full of clean clothes to be ironed but I guess I’m the least person who would not want to join a fun-filled day of window shopping. Yup, I did not intend to buy something I just want to chill out for half a day and then suffer my afternoon catching up on some of my chores which nobody would do aside from me.

We were joking to our husbands that me and my friend Mavis were new recruits that he should let me go with them. And there without much asking he told me yes and I asked Ida first to drop me in my house to get some things for my little boy before we proceed to Tina’s house as we waited for the 9 am opening of some shops in the mall. I thought that shops in VIllagio mall opens up at 10 am but I was wrong I guess The other 3 cool mommas were always on a shopping spree after sending their kids to school and I was not mistaken.:)

It was nice talking to Ida, we shared a lot of stories from our kids to some topics in our married lives and its good to widen my horizon with new good friends and I’m blessed with not only one but more wonderful friends.

When we reached Tina’s house I was so amazed with almost everything, from the architectural design of the villa to her furniture and of course the nice kidney shaped pool just in front of her floor length window, I can’t stop myself from admiring their place. It was so neat, spic and spanned villa, cozy and warm. And my son enjoyed playing inside the kiddy bedroom for Tina’s only son while us the cool mommas had our cappuccino and chit-chatted like there’ll be no tomorrow.

It was one happy half day holiday with friends and I ended up buying some stuffs for myself and for my kids in H & M shop. And I’m looking forward to another day out with you cool mommas.

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  1. dimpz, str, didn’t babysit sean, hehehe, unless he was working that day? i used to love shopping, in fact, every week, every other week, i would go the mall and buy clothes for myself and kids, of course. but, i outgrew it and only do it once in a while.

  2. Str was at work that time. tumakas lang ako sa chores ko sa bahay at nakipag bonding sa mga cool mommas. Sean is always the small thorn among the roses. sa lahat ng mga lakad ng mga mommies kasama sya. my achilles heel is shopping. but as much as possible i shop if there’s only a sale going on never i would buy much without a discount. and i have a very limited budget on that hehehe:)

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