Missing Pinas!

It’s been more than 2 months that I longed to be in my sweet country. I planned of going home but I simply can’t. Silly, I know! The thought of travelling with a toddler and a baby in tow is madness but I know that i’ll manage. But see, this is the case of a stay at home mom with no work, no money and just totally depend on a husband.

How I wish to be back there in my homeland and enjoy a 2-month vacation with my parents, surely they would love to. And I would want to unwind , relax,  and heal myself, (read!) I’m quite tired. I want a very long sleep that nobody would wake me up and stir the peacefulness of my rest. I want to jog around our town on early mornings (as I used to do when I was a kid). I want to have a very long hearty conversation with my loving mother as we used to have while munching peanuts or over a cup of coffee.
Anyhow, this reminds me of pulling myself and gearing toward a new life, I should be back to working again but how? that’s  the question, with nobody that i could trust with my kids, I cant. How I wish that my kids are big already, so I can manage with my finances. If I want to fly to Pinas then I can. I can buy my own ticket. But, for now I just can’t move!

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