Lost Soul!

Sometimes life is so unfair, for how much you deeply cared and loved a person but seems that no matter how you wish for him to change for his own betterment your actions seems so futile. From my memories as a kid i adored him, he’s my confidante, my friend and I’m his pet. But as I grew up, slowly realized how fool I was for he cared only for himself and less for his family. Prestige, high degree of education, vices (packs and packs of cigarettes and bottles of liquor) are his priority.

I would say, he’s responsible, but not enough to give us more fulfilling and richer lives. He is everyone’s friend for he always provide and give what they want from him even if it cost him a lot from his family. At first I can’t fathom his goal in life but as I aged and became more mature answer kept pouring my mind.

As much as possible I want to cling on happy memories of my childhood, those good old days full of laughter for I was a child then who knew nothing but to play and have some fun. But as you start to have a grasp of your life, everything is changed.

As for now, still his best friend is his unwavering hunger for liquor and sticks and packs of cigarettes and we are his foe for this.

I can’t imagine how he loathes us if we dared to speak against his vices for he is the victor, the righteous and no one, nobody will go against him for that.

I don’t know how to approach him sometimes words are better left unspoken and hearts of caring souls just wander.

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