little visitor

our little indian toddler neighbor came to visit us with red and orange tomatoes in hand she started to open cupboards and when she finds some stuff which interest her she’ll play with it-that’s sara. she’s like a cherub,so fair her skin, very lean and has a beautiful face. she just turned two, two months ago. whenever hse’s here in the house she’ll act like princess real ate. if princess whines she’ll say in her tiny-tiny voice, “auntie, she needs her dodo puppy, ok i” give it to her” and there it goes she’ll start feeding princess with her bottle. she doesn’t sit and play in the playroom she’ll go around all the bedrooms and if she’ll find princess shoes she’ll say,”auntie, baby’s shoes…baby’s shoes, i put it…i put it” and she’ll manage to put shoes on my baby. so sweet how i wish that princess would be like her when she’ll have her siblings (shanaia lexia and sean linus).

i told sara that we’ll go to the playing room and watch also “book of pooh and his friends” and she willingly oblige. gave her black seedless grapes and she happilly munched on every piece of grapes. she told me, “auntie baby wants to eat, i give her?” she wants to feed princess with what she’s also eating, i told her that baby will get choke if you’ll feed her with grapes coz it’s only for big girls like sara. hmmmmnn, she said, “i’m a big girl, i’m a big girl!!!”

but my litle princess is on again with her old antics: pulling her playmates hair. sara doesn’t want to come near her again after my naugthy daughter pulled her hair. i told princess that if she’ll go on with her pulling-every-friends-hair antic then she’ll be having no playmate in our compound. like a good baby she stopped her bad habit. oh! how i wish she’s as big now as sara, can walk and talk endlessly.

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