Linus Turned 4!

IMG_3810We had a simple celebration for our loving and cheerful and smart boy in our home as he turned 4 last Thursday. He was too happy for all the Power Ranger toys he received from us and his sister.

I prepared a small party for them with our friends/ neighbor kids. we had balloons, cakes, nacho chips, chocolates, marshmallows, chicken nuggets and hotdogs.

He kept on saying that he has grown a little bit taller and bigger. And when daddy N arrived he hugged him very tight. He’s one happy boy:)

He waited for his uncle and aunt to come at night and their presence made him more happy. He always looks forward to seeing them during weekends.

We wish you great health son and more happiness. You’re doing great in the school and we are proud of you son. You are a good person and you are a mother’s pride:)

Sean’s bday pictures here.

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