Life upon contemplation…

I guess we’ve come to a point that we reassess our lifestyle and future in living here in the Middle East; as what we always wanted is to give the best that we could to our children. Being here and running a smooth sailing yet uncompetitive life is nothing but a waste of our youth, the drive for competence is sapped and our minds and souls crave for some profound and rich fully lived life.

I want to live with my family in a country wherein my rights would be respected, wherein we’ll not be bounded by some backward traditions, cultures and laws. A place wherein we’ll not be limited because we are expatriates but wherein we can justly assert our rights as individuals and as human beings; unfortunately here we can’t move freely as one would want to.

As for weighing the pros and cons, I would say that life in a European country or better go back to our country would be better for us, especially for our children than here. Hope that we could materialize everything the soonest…so live below your means and save more in order to move forward faster and attain those goals and dreams.

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