life keeps on rushing…

Always on the go, our family seems to be on a hectic days in a row. From yesterday we started our days late, it was so nice lying under the blanket till midday and have our brunch and run around the house like a mad dog just to finish all the chores and fly again to every place we want to go.

Like today, me and my munchkin woke up so late that we did not even knew that dad nath went already to the fish market and bought those big prawns. Mom dimple, for the first time cooked camaron rebosado, and take note it went so well.

After accompanying Dad Nath in Intercon Hotel for his swim we headed to City Center Mall for our groceries but went first to some shops, mommy can’t stop herself from indulging on some window shopping, just yesterday we went shopping in s. Oliver’s and dad nath kept on telling and bringing items to mommy dimple to try on and ended up on buying some clothes and shoes again.

Still counting on the days for our fast approaching vacation, can’t help ourselves from getting too much excited just to think that we’re heading to our dear country really keeps our adrenalin high. Mommy dimple started packing and unpacking things. Still not too sure how things would be on our first vacation as a budding family with a toddler. And of course buying and deciding on which item should be given as pasalubong to our families.

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