Let’s Play with Snow

Last night while I was busy preparing our dinner my two kids were also busy playing near our dining table. As I can’t see them, my daughter asked me if they can play pretend and quickly I retorted back at her, “of course you can!” And Andrea said to her brother, “Okay let’s pretend that we are playing with a lot of snow.”Unmindful of what they are really up to, I thought they were just pretending that they are really in a snowy place my hubby blurted out with emergency in his voice, “Andrea and Sean pick up all of those shredded tissues!”Oh my! They almost finished a box of a tissue, shredded them into tiny pieces then scattered them on the carpet so that it would look like snows. Clever kids but they had to pick all of them together with their daddy before we started our dinner. Kids are always kids and they love to play pretend. 

2 Replies to “Let’s Play with Snow”

  1. i thought they were cute playing snow. you should have snapped a picture or two.

    i remember my older daughter used to pretend being teacher, and she jabbered non stop.

  2. i forgot to take a shot tita belle! she does that too! she pretends that she is miss n or miss s, her teachers in her schol and sometimes she pretends that she is a mom.

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