just nothing

All is well that ends well. Whatever hassles and contradiction that we’ve been bombarded and issues that we tackled these past few weeks, fortunately, we get rid of it, partly, not yet that finished not until we transfer to a new house when we come back here from our vacation.

True colors of friends (as what they claim, but their actions are contradictory as to what friends should be, I mean on the context of real friendship) kept on illuminating and changing yet true friends stick on as they are.

As of human beings , by nature, men just follow instincts as to protect themselves from life’s complexities. Being supportive on others is just second or the least he can give; that’s what I observed being here in abroad. Filipinos tend to not being mindful of other Filipinos. Unlike in our country wherein we tend to be there for friends or just an acquaintance if they need us, but here, just like our friend, even they know from the start that we are on the right side of the issue they blindly followed the pursuit of the other camp. Anyway, just sharing my sentiment and nothing else…

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