I’m not a superwoman!!!

Being a mother to my nearly twenty months old daughter and to a soon baby boy (I’m on my sixth month) and a stay-in-the-house wife sometimes irked me by how other people or worst some friends address this situation to me. OK! I resigned myself from being a super woman; juggling my work before and being on my first month of conception of my first born to just a plain housewife but it doesn’t mean that I have no worth at all. Comments like this really have a nasty blow on me: “Why you bring another baby?” “Don’t you want to go back to work?” or simply but very downright statement like “Oh! You’re pregnant again?” A mixture of irritating and in a joyous manner utterance of curiosity.

As much as possible I want to direct them with positive answer, but explain to them my priorities in life? Why the heck? I just give them short but direct to the point thoughts for them to ponder on.

Living here in abroad is not that easy life especially if you have no other families to pass on some responsibilities on lots of aspects from taking care of your child to the household chores. And for me, I chose the right decision which is to stay with my daughter and live a simpler life. I and my husband did not want the idea of letting our daughter grow in a nursery with lack of attention and love. It has a big impact on the child’s personality and attitude especially that we are living here in an Arab country wherein she’ll be bombarded with different cultures, traditions and languages.

There are lots of things to consider; for one, is your husband’s income enough for the entire family to live a decent life? Most of our kababayans here do not have at all the leisure of just staying in their abodes for they don’t have the means to do that. We don’t have the same cases so stop pestering me!

Next is, if juggling all your responsibilities in work and inside your house put you in a high level degree of pressure and stress so why not consider some changes? For my case, with my previous job I was always tired and irritated (on the latter part wherein I was preggy, on my first trimester for my daughter). So, it’s best for me to stay and rest.

For me, my family is my priority and surely for others making those comments they just can’t say that their families are also on top of their work coz they need to work their buts on their job to fill in the needs for their children.

I guess it’s more on having a choice, and it is my decision to stay at home and take care of my family. I’m happy that I have a choice and I can make the most of my time with my family. And for now my priority is my family and nothing else.

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