I’m Hooked!

Dr. House M.D.

“HOUSE, an innovative take on the medical drama, solves mysteries where the villain is a medical malady and the hero is an irreverent, controversial doctor who trusts no one, least of all his patients.”


I’m hooked with the TV series Dr. House MD. I love the sarcastic, callous, and arrogant character of Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) and I love his brain too! In 10 days I finished 2 seasons and I’m craving for more; it’s like if you start with one episode then you’ll end up with 5 more. I watched it while ironing or while taking some rests or whiles my toddler is having his snack (breastfeeding).

You’ll love him as well as hate him. And that’s how he should be or else the story would be boring just diagnosing, doing lab tests, analyzing through discussions with his team every unique case of diseases they in counter. The satirical design of Mr. House character for me is the one I love the most. He loves to be always bitchy with his team (Dr. Chase, Dr. Foreman and Dr. Cameron), patients to Dr. Cuddy and of course to his friend dr. Wilson and that’s Dr. House.

He’s brilliant, funny, intelligent, self-centered man limping with his cane. He’s the kind of a doctor who’ll let you wait for awhile just because his playing in his game boy and he can’t stop since he is in level 4 or whatever. And he doesn’t want to see his patients as much as possible. He is an antisocial diagnostician who loves to solve medical puzzles as it always make him on the go if his team would find out some symptoms which are rare for a certain disease. But I like his style the strait forward very vocal way of spilling the beans especially when patients have terminal cases of cancer. I love when he would make some nasty faces or when he would do some trick to his patients just to get the truth and make the process of giving medical attention more accurate.

But even if his character is like that he is well known as one of the best doctor. I like the way they presented to us in each episode the importance of being healthy but then again we can’t tell even if we are living a very healthy life sometimes illness just creep in when the least we expect it.

And now I’ll be bugging my friend to let me have the 3rd season and as well as some episodes in 4th season, maybe this weekend.

Check this out…the House-ism


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