Just nothing! I don’t know what to write today…it’s been quite awhile that i did not visited this blog of ours. Kind of busy with everything- from keeping our home clean, doing the laundry and keeping myself fit and healthy and to tracking the news here and abroad and replying to some mails and keeping our town’s web blog updated.
As of now, still our baby is recuperating from a three days fever and that so-called rosella infanti virus, but still she’s has all her energy for playing and their wrestling with dada.
i’m nearly finished doing’ her give-aways for her birthday party, i woke up 1 a.m. that early just to make some of it coz i don’t have much time if my li’l munchkin is awake already.
Though i’m a little bit frustrated with this plateau stage of my weight lose program. Been to the Intercontinental Hotel gym for almost a week now, i just have to stop and stay at home coz of princess. It’s really nice and rejuvenating to have a sauna and have a cold dip in a cold small pool just outside the sauna room. I can’t stay long doing some steam bath. i can’t handle that too much heat!
Seems that these coming days we’ll soon be back to going to gym and meeting again li’l Mariana (she’s a two and a half Lebanese but Canadian citizen toddler) in intercon hotel.
Have to make still lots of errands for some birthday invitations. Gladly, all of the other aspects in my princess birthday party have been already taken cared of.

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