happy birthday dada!!!

what a wonderful day! friday is a luxurious day of the week. started the day a little bit late, syempre day off ni dada kaya we can stay late in bed. we went to corniche and bought those live “momsy” crabs and fresh hammour, no time to go to fish market, eventhough mom is craving for big prawns and lobster, oks na kasi meron namang crabs. dada cooked the crabs while mom made something first to eat kasi tomguts na talaga sya and fed also palangga with her pear and yogurt. afterwards kain to the max, sobrang sarap talaga ng crabs lalo na pag fresh pa. mas masarap din ang breakfast kasi we had dried fish and dried squid ( pasalubong ng bagong dating naming neighbor from pinas) and dried mangoes for dessert with momsy’s apricot gelatin with milk. o di ba?
lunch is heavy also may sweet and sour na hammour na ginawa si momsy kaya pati si palangga na pakain na rin pero rice lang muna.
dada wants to celebrate his birthday with the pinas time kaya we went to a bangkok thai restaurant for dinner and it’s great! momsy had her favorite chicken shiomai adn dada his siopao and some thai pancit. their iced tea is also different from the usual iced tea in other restaurant.
what’s good also with this thai restaurant is you can have also a massage for just a hundred riyals. we waited for dada for one hour. sobrang tagal ng masahe and princess can’t stay put in the female waiting area. this thai massage is different in the sense na binabaligtad ka talaga but very relaxing pagkatapos.
the date is not yet over, we went to our favorite place to hang out — it’s the corniche, and we walked for about 2 km. the weather is fine , not too hot at hindi rin humid. here, in this place you can find all the different nationalities of expats. some are just friends who enjoyed the sea breeze with the bustling road beside it and others are families with babies and toddlers. kaya mga bata dito lalo na mga locale halos lahat may mga eyebags! palaging nasa labas til wee hours. princess enjoyed our walking while she’s inside her stroller. i kept on bugging her to put on her cap pero matigas talaga ulo!
corniche is the place where we brought her to when she was just 1 month with grandpapsy and grandsmamsy. it was winter then pero malakas resistensya nya nakaya nya ang lamig. ma and pa we miss you here!!!
to you nath, we love you very much, love na love ka namin ni princess…happy birthday…wishing you great health and more success. you have our love and support. love you forever!!!

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