Happy Birthday Dad Nath!

Today is my hubby’s big day. He went home early and we had an early dinner in Friday’s, yes, again, we’ve just been there the other day and we went to Virgin Megastore for his birthday present but he decided to wait for another day for there’s no other color for the item that he wants. Li’l Sean was wailing while we were inside the shop because he wants the barney book and we told him that he has lots of barney stuffs already, so there he calmed for awhile but still mad at me for not buying his great pal’s book.

Dad N, we love you very much!

2 Replies to “Happy Birthday Dad Nath!”

  1. Dimpz, 31 pa lang si STR? still a babe in the woods..hehe. it looked like he had a blast on his birthday. parehong pala kaming gemini.

  2. binuking ba hahaha! yup tita belle he’s still a babe in the woods pero malapit ng lumagpas sa kalendaryo 🙂 peace STR!!!

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