Happy Anniversary!

How time flies so quickly, now we are nearing our 5th wedding anniversary. Looking back, 5 years ago we are so young yet matured. We decided to start our family though we don’t know how to cook, we don’t know how to raise kids but we trusted our feelings, our deep love that make us compromise on things.

In retrospect, we had our share of the normal rollercoaster ride of marriage. We had our ups and downs but with our love we surpassed everything. In our five years, it’s full of surprises, adventures, joy, and courage to face every dilemma that comes our way. We complimented each other with our varying views on things. It was sometimes like what you’ve said “the taming of the shrew!” Lalo na pag “meron” I was so unpredictable and moody! But again with our undying love you changed me into a more wonderful person, for that I thank you.

We are not afraid of starting a family; despite all the hurdles we’ve proved them wrong, our detractors. We are so motivated that we coped on how to raise a family. We said to each other that we we’ll learn especially in taking care of our first born baby. As first timers we are sometimes on a trial and error mode. But then again it’s the parent’s intuition that guided us.

At first nobody knows how to cook except put the rice cooker on and then fry everything that comes in handy. That was the funny part almost all of our food were fried as we don’t know how to cook. But hey, how about my cooking after 5 years I guess nobody would disagree with me that somehow I’ve improved and you too! From simple cooking we’ve learned to cook new dishes and at a taste of liken to a pro’s cook menu.

We always enjoy planning ahead our short term and long term goals. And how can I forget the up to wee hour discussion and sharing of stories of our childhood. And we always discuss on how to come up with a more viable approach on saving more. Do you remember on how we saved a lot on our first year of marriage? We were so frugal those times. We always compare prices of everything that we buy and mostly bought stuffs that are basically needed and not out of mere wants. Of how we always love to concoct ways to improve our financial awareness and planned of retiring rich and young. Alas! I’ve blurted out that lines maybe now we could start to materialize it. (Grin!) Though we have lots of properties and other stuffs to brag about. (This line is for you aka Christy Fermin!) But I don’t want to sound too thankful by writing and specifying those stuffs  coz what’s important for me is the abundancy of love that we are blessed of and our kids.

We always discuss things that we are so open with our communication and feelings and we always make it up to each other if someone hurt one’s heart. I’m so thankful for this because lots of marriages fail due to some gap in their communication which hinders their growth as couples. I’m so thankful to be blessed with a loving husband with a golden heart as what I always tell you. And I’m thankful to Mama Sie and Papa San for raising such a wonderful person like you!

You are my best friend (even before pa), and my everything,

My lover and still my boyfriend (sometimes we pretend heheheh),

You are my gentle hubby and you are the best dad!

You are the sweetest gift that God gave me.

Happy Anniversary! I love you!

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  1. Happy Anniv. to both of you….. I know that you will have a long journey to come and i know for a fact that you will take that path together…

    Just seeing how you compliment each other and how you brought your kids up for sure you will have a long and happy family life….

    Congratulations!!!! you deserve what you all have now… and enjoy each other ….

    Willing akong magyaya ni Sean at princess if u need a 2nd honeymoon or date ….just call me i’ll pick d kids up

  2. Kapatid! I know I already greeted you yesterday but I just want to greet you and Papa San a Happy 5th anniversary… We’re so glad to have crossed paths with you guys. I hope that we’ll all grow old together and that we remain friends no matter where life will lead us to. Anyway, please don’t forget to include us in the “will”, kahit 1 hectare lang ok na sa amin, hehehe… tsaka pala yung monthly supply ko ng “prawns” ok? Luv yah! Mwuah!

  3. Salamat kapatid! hehehe sige ipa-transfer ko na sa name nyo yong 10 hectares. how i wish i have that para palagyan ko ng malaking house for those homeless tapos I have a golden horse and a huge beautiful garden and lots of trees surrounding the premises. hayyy! i’m dreaming again!
    HOw about crabs or mutated bangus na puro tyan lang:)
    No problem we’ll be BFF. And don’t forget us pag nasa Canada na kayo ha?
    God Bless!

  4. Ngek Canada! Wala pa yun but we’ll definitely let you know if we ever pursue it. Sige pasyalan na lang din namin kayo sa UK ok, hehehe… Hay hirap maging inday, nakakahibang!

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