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A great friend of mine Tita Belle has a very talented daughter Stephanie Mae who’s first CD is out in the market in US. This is her website in myspace and she has great personally made songs. Really, I would tell you she’s amazing and here songs are played in this radio station. My kids love to hear her songs. And everyday it became our habit to open her site and listen to her songs. Kudos to you Steph and of course to the person who always inspires me with her unwavering love for her kababayans Tita Belle. I’m proud of you and your family.

Friends, if you want to have her CD you can go to her online store.



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  1. oh my…thanks dimpz! it is such a good surprise to see something like this in your blog. thank you from deep inside my heart.

    yes, whenever i want to get off the chair, i turn on her music and dance with “At The Edge”, and “Poker Face.” good calorie-burner songs, i thought.

  2. You are very much welcome Tita Belle. I’m just too happy and proud of your family. I believe in her and she’ll make it BIG. Keep the great songs coming…”,)

  3. Dimpz, thank you so much for your kind entry. I really appreciate it so much! Hope you have a happy New Year’s Day.

    I also hope that you don’t mind that I linked your website on my MySpace blog.

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Steph! You are very much welcome. Have a wonderful new year and wishing you all the best this 2009. I really do admire you.

    Thanks for the link. My warm hugs to you and your mom, sis and dad:)

    Dimpz and family

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