Goodbye Chocolates!

The other day was my monthly check up with my doctor and she told me that I gained already ten kilos and I’m just on my sixth month of pregnancy. During my first trimester I was so cautious with my food intake that mostly of my meals especially when we dine out includes only a Caesar salad or a not-that-fatty foods but as I progressed on my 2nd trimester that’s the time that I was hooked on and always demanding that we eat in Applebee’s with their mushroom steak and worst enjoyed and forgot that almost every weekend or everyday we eat in fast foods or in eat-all-you can restaurants.

To make the situation more gastronomically appealing for all us, we bought recipe books on Italian foods, chicken menus, stir fry and sea foods and to accompany that we even bought red and white wine to be used in cooking for the menu that requires some wine in it.

And now I have to stop gaining weights or else I’ll put myself and my baby in a risky situation. It’s difficult to give birth if you gained a lot of weights and it will be too difficult for mw to shed off those fats again after giving birth. I’m just praying that all would be normal for me and my baby. When I gave birth to my li’l munchkins it was too difficult, with all those agonizing pains for almost 14 hours in labor but still fortunate that I delivered my first born Andrea ( a 3.3 kg. beautiful and healthy baby) normally and for this one I’m hoping that I would only labor for a shorter period of time.

I guess I have to start with some light exercise and walking in Corniche would be a brilliant idea. I want to do some swimming but I’m afraid that I may get some infections (UTI) since I’ll be using the pool in Intercon Hotel and it is open for all the members of the health club so I’d better not.

Playing and taking care of my nearly twenty –month old toddler and doing all the household chores is liken to running in a treadmill but can’t stop myself in eating sweets and chocolates which I blamed my dear husband for buying those stuff but for now I really would want to bid goodbye to those sweet goodies!

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