Getting Younger!

My birthday bash went well, although i was dead tired, and there was a 2nd round on the following day. I invited some of my friends again to come to our house for a dinner and still we had lots of foods.
Thanks also to my hubby who arrived earlier from work that day so he can cook caldereta and kare-kare and also to my 2 darling babies, they let me finish all the cooking before throwing some tantrums.
And thanks to the friends who sent their greetings, thru text messages, e-cards and phone calls.
My visitors and friends enjoyed the food (baked macaroni, lumpia shanghai, cheese rolls, KFC fried chicken,caldereta, kare-kare, leche flan, ref. cake, fruit salad, puto from ninang and ate J, pancit, and cakes from bateel and opera cafe.

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