old wonderful friends…

got a mail from lala, my friend in high school in ulhs. she has now a two-year old daughter, keala. it’s been nearly a decade that i haven’t seen this tsinitang-bungisngis beauty queen of uep.she’s my seatmate, a very mahinhin girl na pagtumawa nawawala mata nya! juvy, mistook me as diadem faith, she made a testimony for me but actually it’s for dia-dimple. me and diadem possess the same pair of small dimples that’s why yata (ngek! ang layo ng rason). no communication with diadem for nearly a decade now. juvy told me that she’s now in korea. enjoyed reading rochelle’s blogs. and glad to know that christine and yasmin are already moms too.veron is happy with her 3 years old daughter- nicole ashley.
i’m glad that everybody can get wired now especially my old barkadas. kept on receiving forwarded messages from tin-tin. i think irene is too busy with her job and as well as jane. celeste (my bestfriend…miss you!) is my txt mate, she’s always busy with her work but always finds time to reach out. josel sent me an e-mail gusto nya pasalubong. lorver is not yet responding to my message nabaon na yata sa work nya sa isang auditing firm. got a txt from chrysalis, she’s now a teacher in uep, and she’s whining about her bf– “manhid daw”. maam, that’s life, you have other options, feel free… donna is alone in her apartment in manila her siblings went home to samar for vacation. and, i think bblyn is still in negros occidental, this lady is always on the go.she’s always travelling, she loves it.keeps telling me which part of pinas she’s whenever she flies. ganon ba kademanding maging line trainer ng jollibee? aissa still “sunog kilay” for her law school but oftentimes nasa videoke bars daw sa uep. and i feel sorry for etic. her father just passed two weeks ago. but i feel happy fo her also coz she has now a bf…miss you all guys!!! til we meet on hijos del pueblo this coming christmas.

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