Get Real!

Just some thoughts on friendship, I have only a small circle of friends whom I can say that they are my true friends, they are the one that through ups and downs, through thick and thin, and in every downpour and sunshine in my life we’ve bonded and stick on together as we traverse each life even though each of us are in different places.

There are also those kinds of people who claim to be my friends who are fond of bad mouthing other friends, so what would keep them from saying bad things also when you turn your back on them? It’s their heart’s delight to speak of someone whom they find so amusing or simply they just envy. Where can I find the true meaning of friendship in their actions?

It’s not that I’m being so righteous but I just hate those kinds of people.

I don’t hold onto false friends, the moment that I know that I’m putting myself into a trap of unworthy friends I would at once hold myself and detract from being caught into the web. There are those who are very nice in front of you but when you turn your back they’ll tell another side of story about you. Some of them are so very articulate not to be the subject in every gathering but they tend to be the worst buttinsky, yenta or kibitzers. For me, ok, I’ll be nice to these kinds of people but don’t expect from me that I’ll treat you more than a mere acquaintance.

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