Games at Aspire

We watched almost all of the games in Aspire. The ticket is just Qr 10.00 and you can watch all of the games inside this dome. Aspire is the biggest covered dome in the world.

At Aspire you can watch gymnastic (artistic, rhythmic and trampoline), kabaddi, judo, boxing, badminton, and karate.

The ticket for the games at Aspire is for one day, you can come and go as long as your ticket is with you. Tickets are available online and on some fixed outlets like in City Center,QNB, Qatar Airways and in the games location (but be reminded of the long queue specially at night.)
First we watched the artistic Gymnastic, then we went to Badminton, then to Boxing (we cheered a lot for our Pinoy Boxers) then we watched the Kabaddi game and we were too tired and decided to go home.

For those who are going to watch the games in Khalifa Stadium there are two designated parking areas the P1 and P2. P1 is just across the street of the Khalifa Stadium while P2 is at the back. Of you’ll park in P1 there are police officers who’ll guide you in crossing the street but you have to walk a lot. And in P2 there are shuttle buses that will take you near to the stadium.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll watch swimming and that’s if ate Princess has still extra power after her school.

Some of our pictures…


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