Fun! Fun!Fun!

The second destination while we were in Catanduanes is Burinay:) In their dialect the name of that place is the shortened word for “buri ni inay”. The place is just near and that’s one thing very nice in the Philippines you can easily find a place where you can have some fun at a minimal cost. The kids were so excited with the idea of boating and swimming and so we packed a small snack and then we headed off to the sea.

  nath4.jpg   nath.jpg   nath2.jpg

  boating11.jpg   burinay.jpg   bato.jpg 

  swimming4.jpg   swiming1.jpg   swimming3.jpg    

2 Replies to “Fun! Fun!Fun!”

  1. hahahaha…what a term! i have heard of “Kurakog” and now “Burinay.” funny, funny! seriously, nice scenes and the water was nice and calm.

    are any of you wearing lifevests though? hehe.

  2. Yup! heheehe those names are really funny. I saw that “kurakog” and as what RRD told me before it really made MOna Lisa smile while it was displayed in Louvre Museum hahaha!
    nope! we were not wearing any lifevests. that reminds me of buying those vests for our next vacation.

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