A surge of unpleasant feelings sometimes engulf me when thoughts of insensitive exchanges or conversations are being processed over and over on my brain. Sometimes, people don’t even try to weigh or listen to the depth and magnitude of what they say even sometimes it is liken to an acid poured directly on my being.

I don’t know if such conversations were being hurled at me with no certain meanings or just being keen on what my reactions would be. For one, I did not want to be tested by who ever, for whatever it may serve her purpose. Take a look at this one scenario, a person told me that she wanted to adopt my second baby. No matter how close we are or not, I’m just a like a mother hen who wanted to protect my chicks! And not to mention that a conversation on that idea of her wanting to adopt my baby occurred not only once but couple of times; what the heck is talking or asking about?

I was on my first trimester and lucky me that I did not suffered a lot of nausea or some sickness unlike from my first born, but this telling me such stupidity makes me feel sick!

Blatantly I retorted in a calm way my objection to what she wanted, but deep inside me I Was so furious. Where on earth did she get an idea of me giving away my baby? Seriously speaking or even if it was a form of joke but on my part I took it as a form of mockery with no sense at all. What she thinks of my baby a piece of meat, a dog
Or certain objects that can be given away just like that.

For whatever her reasons, be it a selfish one or not; I did not get her motive. Is it to help us? We don’t need it! Why? She just wants to have a second baby because she’s old enough and incapacitated to produce another one. But my God! We are not talking here of some piece of a furniture or whatever, it’s my baby! We are not in need for whatsoever be it financial or what. The reason I have to stay in the house and quit my work it’s because for my children, for my family. And there she is blabbering with those nonsensical things which I for one thing did not considered hitting her back even I wanted to. A mock to myself,
Being a mother and a dagger stabbed to the inner core…my heart!

There are lots of kids in the street, or even a poor relative who has no financial means in bringing up their kids then why not ask from them. Or just even focus on your family and take care of your child I guess that would be the best!

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