first words

those words are still vivid in my mind, sometimes it echoes, reverberating over and over again, i’m asking myself what she wants to convey. princess was on her third month that time and we were in the kitchen, the favourite nook in the house, we’re having our breakfast, suddenly, princess the great started with her speech with all her might! “ging-ging-ging-gigng! yoko-yoko-yoko!!! aha! maybe, she’s angry or she’s happy. we didn’t mind what was really is, what we knew then is we’re so happy that our princess is saying something. one day, she got so angry and she’s saying yoko-yoko-yoko, now there it is, she means “no!” sometimes it is very hard to read between the lines of what she is saying or trying to say.

of course papsy and mamsy are very happy that their grandchild is already talking to them monotonously.

when she reached her 4th month she started calling me “mama”, how sweet! but the tone depends on her mood. if she want someting she’ll say it with a nice tone but if she’s angry she’ll say it with a loud shrieking voice. such a wonderful little bunny. so cute, yet so mischievous. so adorable and intelligent, that’s princess the menace!

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