Excited for the First Day at Mulberry Bush

Tomorrow is the start of our daughter’s “mini school” (she’ll be three years old in three days time) at Mulberry Bush (play school) in preparation for the big school next year. She is excited and happy but still we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Will she be a clingy toddler or will she embrace it with just a normal attitude of adaptation and acceptance to a new environment, but we made sure to ready herself for this new turning point of her toddlerhood to a grown up 3 year old kiddo by always telling her how it would be in the play school that mom and dad would always come back for her to fetch her in the afternoon.

It seems that we (me and her dad) were having the separation anxiety. Her school starts from 6:30 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. There are lots of activities in every 30 minutes. There’s one teacher and one assistant for every section (for every age group). Andrea belongs to the Butterflies Section. There’s also the Creche (infants), the Butterflies, and the Spiders Group (4 yrs. old kids). She’ll attend school thrice a week and the school is just 5 minutes drive away from our house.

She’ll be with her friend Xianne. hope that everything would turn just fine tomorrow. We’ll see…we love you ate 🙂

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