Eid Mubarak!

We don’t have any scheduled activity for the Eid Holiday except for a sunrise with a close family friend this coming Saturday as we only wanted to stay in our house, take a rest and enjoy the time that we don’t have to do some usual routines in short rejuvenate and have more time with the kids and the hubby or heheheh walang invitation to a party.

But we received lots of phone calls just this morning and we can’t turn down some invitations as we also love to be with our friends, always, so now in our tomorrow’s schedule we’ll be going to two houses good thing is that one is for lunch and the other one is for dinner.

Last night we went to D Center to buy for our groceries after we sent Mom may and Dad Yam to the airport and after finding the Satco store near Arab Roundabout since we thought that for the coming 3 days all groceries will be closed but after I paid all our goodies I asked the cashier when are they going to open after the Eid Holiday she replied that they’ll not be closed. Dang! We thought that we’ll be starved if we’re not going to have our groceries last night but we were wrong.  Let’s make the most of this short vacation. Eid Mubarak!

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