Day 1 in Tennis Lesson

This is the first official day that our tennis lesson has started. Our instructor Mr. T arrived, I guess past 8 pm, and his assistant were already there teaching some Indonesian kids and we are 2 new tennis students plus a 23 yr. old Moroccan lady.

The Racquet Parts

First the assistant taught me the parts of a racquet, which are the head, face (which is where you hit the ball), down to the neck then the grip or handle and the butt.

Then our instructor came and taught us the basics of tennis.

The Ready Position.

Step 1:Your right hand should have a good grip near the butt of the racquet and the left hand supports the neck of the racquet. By using both hands, this allows quick grip changes.

Step 2: Your feet should be shoulder width apart and your head forwards into the court. You have to bend your knees slightly, that is to lower the center of your gravity and stores energy in your muscles.

Step 3: Be alert for the coming of the ball from your opponent and try to bounce on your toes that is to give you extra spring in your feet. The timing is also important. You have to accelerate in maximum speed at any direction the moment you see the ball.

Step 4: After hitting the ball return to the center of the court and go back to ready posotion.

The next we learned was the basic racquet grip. You have to place the index finger’s base knuckle on the top right bevel and the side of the thumb should be resting along the back of the racquet, or the opposite side of the grip.


The assistant teacher told me that there’s the so-called Continental Grip (it means all-around grip). It is the universal grip. It was once known as the Aussie grip. This grip is used for any shot, although it is mostly used now for the serve and volley.

As the lesson progressed we learned the forehand and backhand moves as well as the proper footing in each every move and what followed was the volley (forehand and backhand also) and then the service.

It was a very productive night. In two hours, I learned a lot and was able to execute correctly almost all of the lessons our teacher taught us. And i’m looking forward to Saturday night for our 2nd meeting.

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