Closing Ceremony for the 15th Asian Games

Tomorrow is the last day for the historical event here in Doha, Qatar, as what David Atkins told the Gulf News that there’ll be a 1 hour program with the theme of Middle Eastern tale, the Arabian Nights and they promise another astonishing event that would go in parallel with the Opening Ceremony’s grandness though in simpler tone.

Watch out for the Broadway singer actress Lea Salonga-Chien, she’ll be performing in the closing ceremony.

Enjoy watching!!!

Tennis at Khalifa Int’l Complex

Yesterday after sending our daughter to school we decided to watch tennis at Khalifa International tennis and Squash Complex together with our friend Mavis. As we thought that it would be nicer to go there than have the very long walk in Aspire, Sports City but to my dismay almost all of the spectators were Indians cheering for their Queen Sania Mirza. If you’ll notice, the Indian nationality topnotch the highest number of population of expats here in Qatar.So what can I expect?

Just a wishful thinking that there are many Pinoy supporters and cheerers there too! As for Indians, they have this full support for there players. When we watched the games at Aspire the week ago, it was the finals for kabaddi and it was I think the day that Aspire met its capacity limit for spectators that they have to close the gates for kabaddi at 2 pm even the game would start at 7 pm. And from the entrance of Aspire there are other Indian nationalities talking and begging to the security guards and volunteers to let them enter because of kabaddi. And while we were watching badminton we could hear the chantings and cheerings for the kabaddi players.
So back to tennis at Khalifa, we had to head back to the school after more than an hour of watching and cheering for the Chinese tennis player. Thanks Mavis for the breakfast… We want to stay more but our kids would be waiting for us already.

And as for today, we should have watched there again but there was no ticket available The queue was very long and my husband went home without a single ticket so we don’t have any option but to stay at home and watch again the events on TV.

Rest for the Best…

Last week, we had lots of unused tickets for synchronized swimming, diving and athletics but what’s more important is the health of my kids than watching in Sports City with a coughing toddler and a kiddo with a runny nose. We just watched every event in our 54″ TV all the sports shown in English Al Jazeera and QTV.

For all the mommy’s out there who want to tag their kids along in watching the games be it indoor or outdoor be sure to bring jackets, sweaters, mittens, and any winter clothes for your kids. The weather is unpredictable, just be always ready.

My Loot!

I got an aluminum chest, a book — the souveneir book of the 15th Opening Ceremony of Asian Games 2006 and another book about Qatar by Rik Van Lent ( a collection of pictures and an insight to the desert, sea and land life of Qatar).

Thanks to the Pinoy volunteer who gave this to us…


Mikee at Beach Volleyball

Mikee Cojuanco Jaworski was watching beach volleyball this afternoon and almost all of the volunteers got the chance to have a picture with her but she refused after awhile because some of the kids were pushing her already.

***naughty kids from PSD!!!***

Games at Aspire

We watched almost all of the games in Aspire. The ticket is just Qr 10.00 and you can watch all of the games inside this dome. Aspire is the biggest covered dome in the world.

At Aspire you can watch gymnastic (artistic, rhythmic and trampoline), kabaddi, judo, boxing, badminton, and karate.

The ticket for the games at Aspire is for one day, you can come and go as long as your ticket is with you. Tickets are available online and on some fixed outlets like in City Center,QNB, Qatar Airways and in the games location (but be reminded of the long queue specially at night.)
First we watched the artistic Gymnastic, then we went to Badminton, then to Boxing (we cheered a lot for our Pinoy Boxers) then we watched the Kabaddi game and we were too tired and decided to go home.

For those who are going to watch the games in Khalifa Stadium there are two designated parking areas the P1 and P2. P1 is just across the street of the Khalifa Stadium while P2 is at the back. Of you’ll park in P1 there are police officers who’ll guide you in crossing the street but you have to walk a lot. And in P2 there are shuttle buses that will take you near to the stadium.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll watch swimming and that’s if ate Princess has still extra power after her school.

Some of our pictures…


The Opening Ceremony

The other night we hurriedly went home from a friend’s house to watch the most awaited Opening Ceremony of the 15th Asian Games, but sad to say that Mother Nature was so uncooperative and the most important part, which I found on the day of the 2nd rehearsal the major highlight of the ceremony was deleted.

The eleven floating boats that came from the biggest screen above the stadium and with all the  acrobats suspended on the sailboat as pearl divers were not shown, maybe for some safety reasons but still I’m so happy that we were able to watch the 2nd rehearsal.

The big golden dome was also missing. This appears from the big screen before the wedding ceremony. And the lighting of the cauldron was the nerve wracking part, I thought that the horse wouldn’t make it but hooray to one of the Emir’s son, he made it to the top of the steep ramp without slipping.

As for the fireworks, I’m not that impressed. Just the last quarter of it was the great part and the rest was not so good.

2nd Rehearsal of the 15th Asian Games Opening Ceremony

Caution: Don’t read this if you have already a ticket for the Opening Ceremony of Asian Games….

I know, I would spoil whatever there’s to tell about the Opening Ceremony of the 15th Asian Games that would be held at the 50,000 seater Khalifa Stadium tomorrow but I’ll just tell a few.:)

Yesterday when we reached at the Khalifa Stadium before 5 pm we can’t go direct near the place but we have to go to the pick-up point wherein shuttle buses are waiting for the people who’ll watch the rehearsal, then the bus took us to the gate. There was a very strict security, all bags should be presented and the guards would put it under the x-ray machine and after that there’ll be a personal inspection. And each individual should be checked.

As I told in my last entry that I would make some ways to hide my digicam inside the bag of my kids, I wrapped it with my daughter’s dress and put it on the bottom of feeding bottles and some biscuits but to no avail there I was so ashamed that they have to confiscate it and let all those gadgets (my cellphone and digicam) be delivered to Gate No. 4, the don’t-you-think-you-know the rules glare of those Security were so intense and I was on the verge of denying that it wasn’t my daughter’s backpack. And even my bestfriend tried also of hiding her cellphone with camera in her make-up kit but they were able to find it also. I guess nobody made it. Everybody who tried to enter with cameras and cellphones were directed to Gate No. 4. This is the area wherein all the hardheaded individuals including myself should go first.

I let my hubby deposit all those stuffs and we started our way to the gate no. specified in our tickets. Getting there was so tiring we walked a lot! And with my two kids in tow and another 2 kids (one was able to get away while we were talking with the security about the unwanted gadgets and good that Hadi was just a few meters away from us and did not wander too much or else we would not be able to find him in that big and crowded stadium).

There was a one hour preliminary show before the 3 hours Opening Ceremony. There are volunteers showing to the spectators the stuffs inside the kit: a small electric fan (if switched on it will show a light), a bracelet that glows, a Qatar flag, a white ball, and a lot more. These things will be used while the opening show goes on.

The history of Qatar started with the meeting of the desert and the sea people.

The culture and traditions and some myths and more stories about Qatar and how it became a country. The trading of silk, gold, pearls and spices with other neighboring countries.
This big event in this country does not only focus on sports but they want to promote peace and harmony as Qataris in white thobe formed these words, “PEACE BE UPON YOU!”

The main attraction of the event was the floating boats and with all those dancers hanging mid-air with all those harness and the totality of the technical aspect like lighting and some effects, It was great!

The different countries in Asia, each culture and important historical events were highlighted by dancers.

The inventions, inventors, scientists and Qatar’s visions gearing towards a modernized developed country amidst the digital era and its quest for supremacy in science and technology using its natural resources as its strength.

And lots of artists, dancers, acrobats, aerialists, singers (Jackie Chung, An Indian lady, A Lebanese singer performed—but what we were waiting to perform was Mr. Gary Valenciano but he was not there yet, maybe, he’ll be singing on the Opening Ceremony),horses and stilt walkers and an orchestra.

There were also students from different schools who participated in carrying those flags. To top it all, it was impressive.

The Olivier Award Winner, David Atkins, an Australian, is the one who directed this historical event that will happen. He is also the artistic director on the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics.
Some part of the show was like watching the movie Superman Returns and the part of the story-telling with all those sea creatures (or rather monsters) was the lousy part. Giant starfish, big octopus and some horrific creatures which seemed unrealistic and insignificant.

There was no showcase of pyrotechnic unlike the first rehearsal and the lighting of the cauldron was not done yet (seven athletes were the torchbearer).The gorgeous guy Sheikh Muhammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani made it to the top of the steep ramp with his horse, as the last man with the torch to light the cauldron. I guess all of it would unravel and unfold on the big day itself.

There’s still a lot more to the Grand Opening Ceremony of the 15th Asian Games and we’ll just watch on TV the rest on Friday.

“The power of the game…“The spirit of the game…

“The heart of the game…

is me and you…”

Have a great weekend everyone!

Asian Games: The Games of Your Life

The countdown for the 15th Asian Games here in Doha, Qatar is nearing to its end, it’s just a day away and lucky for us to have tickets for the rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony today at 6 pm until 10 pm. They won’t allow cameras, videos and cellphones with camera so I’ll think of some ways on how I would keep my digicam with me. Thanks Ninay F for the tickets!!!

The Grand Opening Ceremony on December 1st at the Khalifa Stadium costs Qr. 500.00 (it’s too costly for us to buy!) and given the chance to have a glimpse on how it would gonna be on the big day is more than enough than not to be able to see the start of the event at all. My brother saw the first rehearsal and told us that it was really awesome.

Nath purchased online some of the tickets that we want to watch like tennis, gymnastic and synchronized swimming and my brother (a volunteer) has some free tickets also.

There are rumors that there would be 10 days vacation for all employees and if that would really happen then we’ll have another 10 days to enjoy with Dad Nath.

How about you? What games would you want to watch?