Qatar Cost of Living

“It’s not just the Doha skyline that’s on the way up in Qatar. From cooking-gas to biscuits to sugar to ice-creams to school fees to haircuts to transportation – the cost of almost every thing, big or small, is going nowhere but upwards in fast developing Qatar. Exactly whom, or what, do we blame it on?”

“Skyrocketing rents,” answer industry experts without batting an eyelid. And whom do we blame the rising house rents on?

-fr. Gulf Times

With the continuous jacking up of rents, for every buildings or establishments there’s the ripple effect that starts from the business owners who extends the additional rent expense to the consumers. And the end point– consumers, like us, expats has to deal with this drastically skyrocketing of prices in almost all of the things that we need to buy, from the basic needs to some nitty gritty things that we need in our life not to mention the things that we splurge on.

Cost of living here in Qatar really changed. From my more than five years of stay there was quite a big leap.