A Small Party with the Neighbors

Last night we had a party for our landlord since they’ll be returning to Pakistan so we arranged a small party for them. The temperature was not so hot and it’s not also humid so we were able to set a table outside and had a chance to know the other two new neighbors. The party started from 8 pm until nearly 2 in the morning.

Ate Liza cooked lamb chops, barbequed prawns, puto and arabic vegetables with bread  from a restaurant. I made leche flan, fruit salad but the original plan was buko salad unluckily my hubby was late so minus the buko it became fruit salad, yema and baked macaroni.

Subi cooked biryani rice alongside with it came the yogurt with some chopped vegies and Sameer made a cake topped with slices of mangoes and bananas.

The kids had a blast running around and playing with kuya Tahir, Kuya Hassan and Apa Mishal.

The men gathered around for some beers after the dinner and their long chit-chats are never-ending and  the moms had to go home ahead of them since the kids are already sleepy.

It’s good to have caring and friendly neighbors. Cheers to a life-long friendship!

Here are some photos taken during the get together:

kainan1.jpg   kidz.jpg   bff.jpg

I’m the photographer so don’t try to look for me heheheh:)

bm.jpg   prawns.jpg   lambchops.jpg

rice-biryani.jpg   yema.jpg   foods.jpg

Working Hours of Supermarkets this Ramadan

Here’s a list of schedule for all supermarkets  during this Ramadan. From time to time I have to ask my friends what time a particular grocery store or a supermarket opens. And so, I’ll post this schedule in my blog, for me not to be bugging other people everytime that we go out.

Dasman Hypermarket (Airport Rd.), (Al Hilal), (Al Gharafa) – opens betweeen 9 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Carrefour at City Center – operates between 10 a.m. and 1 a.m.

Lulu Hypermarket and Lulu Center – functions between 9 a.m. and 1 a.m.

Family Food center (in it’s 3 branches at Al Mirgab, Al Rayyan and Airport Rd.)- opens between 8:30 am and 5:30 p.m. and then later opens at 6:30 p.m. and 1 a.m.

Safari Hypermarket (2 branches at Umm Salal Ali and at Fort Roundabout) -open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from 6 pm to 1 am.

Al Safeer Hypermarket (at D Ring Rd.) – opens between 8:30 am and 1 am.

Food Palace ( in Al Sadd and near Jaidah Fly-over) – opens between 8 am and 5 pm and resumes at 6:30 pm til 1 am.

Food Center (at Al Rayyan Rd., and Al Khor) – functions between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and resumes at 6:30 pm to 1am.

New Indian Supermarket on Airport Rd. opens between 8:30 am and 5 pm. and resumes at 6:30 pm until midnight.

Shoprite at Airport Road opens at 8:30 am and closes at 12:30 am.

Qatar Cost of Living

“It’s not just the Doha skyline that’s on the way up in Qatar. From cooking-gas to biscuits to sugar to ice-creams to school fees to haircuts to transportation – the cost of almost every thing, big or small, is going nowhere but upwards in fast developing Qatar. Exactly whom, or what, do we blame it on?”

“Skyrocketing rents,” answer industry experts without batting an eyelid. And whom do we blame the rising house rents on?

-fr. Gulf Times

With the continuous jacking up of rents, for every buildings or establishments there’s the ripple effect that starts from the business owners who extends the additional rent expense to the consumers. And the end point– consumers, like us, expats has to deal with this drastically skyrocketing of prices in almost all of the things that we need to buy, from the basic needs to some nitty gritty things that we need in our life not to mention the things that we splurge on.

Cost of living here in Qatar really changed. From my more than five years of stay there was quite a big leap.

still looking :)

Another afternoon spent on checking a flat but we didn’t like it, it’s old and has this not-so-good ambiance so we decided to have our dinner in A & W and afterwards went to Jarir Bookstore. At last, I got hold of “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “The Vince Code” both popular and bestselling novels.

We also bought four recipe books, one is on how to easily prepare fish, and another is on how to cook stir fry, one recipe book on Italian foods and another one for chicken for all seasons. Dad Nath is looking forward to eating a gastronomically satisfying meal, I hope I can make it…

life keeps on rushing…

Always on the go, our family seems to be on a hectic days in a row. From yesterday we started our days late, it was so nice lying under the blanket till midday and have our brunch and run around the house like a mad dog just to finish all the chores and fly again to every place we want to go.

Like today, me and my munchkin woke up so late that we did not even knew that dad nath went already to the fish market and bought those big prawns. Mom dimple, for the first time cooked camaron rebosado, and take note it went so well.

After accompanying Dad Nath in Intercon Hotel for his swim we headed to City Center Mall for our groceries but went first to some shops, mommy can’t stop herself from indulging on some window shopping, just yesterday we went shopping in s. Oliver’s and dad nath kept on telling and bringing items to mommy dimple to try on and ended up on buying some clothes and shoes again.

Still counting on the days for our fast approaching vacation, can’t help ourselves from getting too much excited just to think that we’re heading to our dear country really keeps our adrenalin high. Mommy dimple started packing and unpacking things. Still not too sure how things would be on our first vacation as a budding family with a toddler. And of course buying and deciding on which item should be given as pasalubong to our families.

day out with the crabs!

Yesterday afternoon we headed off to Simaisma near al Khor for a weekend picnic and had some adventures in getting crabs. After putting up the tent we ate and waited for the night, obviously, the moon doesn’t want to wane even a little, so waiting goes for some time. And then they decided to start the search for crabs near the shore (but had to walk for about 1 km.) and we Princess, Raymond and jelay had to stay in the tent.
Having two kids and one toddler to attend to, I gave them some rules to follow so I’ll not be having some headache with them: no getting out from the tent to start off with. To keep them occupied I let them sing, dance and do some acting activities. Princess and mommy were the jurors.
After more than one hour some of our friends got back to the tent already and showed us their catch, fewer crabs were there compared to the last time they had. Me and Andréa went back to the car to let her have some sleep and I was wondering why dad nath and the rest of our friends were not yet there. I thought that maybe they are enjoying that much in the sea that they forgot what time it is already. In contrary to my belief, they got lost in the sea and headed to the wrong way, with no cell phone, watches are whatsoever device to contact us. They went near the town and asked some people to lend them their phones.
What an experience! Walking for more than two hours and having only two crabs for ninong yam and Arnold and ten crabs with dad nath and ninang may.

buhay abroad!

this adsl stuff so soooo cool. imgagine whole day yata naka-online ang pc ng lola mo pero tipid sa bayad!!! tipid ba? heheehehe…ala lang akong maisulat kaya kung anong nasa mind ko yon lang po ang mababasa nyo. medyo lately, may tupak ang lola nyo. naku! di ko alam kung bakit ako nagkakaganito ito ba yong side effect ng pills o sadyang pagdi kagaano nakakalanghap ng oxygen ganito ang mangyayari sa iyo.ang hirap kasi namang lumabas ngayon, masyadong mainit di pwedeng umalis ng bahay pag umaga o kaya hapon kasi masyadong humid tsaka di pa rin tapos ang ginagawang kalye sa harap namin mahirap maghanap ng taxi. ayoko din namang lumakad pa kami ni munchkin hanggang may grocery store para lang makalabas at doon mag-abang ng taxi no? kelan kaya matatapos itong underpass sa harap namin para naman minsan makagala kami sa umaga o di kaya hapon.
di naman pwede na parati na lang kami sa mga kapitbahay no? ba’t di kaya yakagin kung lumabas si ate liza (pinay naming neighbor)? eh, kaso naman dalawa-dalawa din ang bit-bit yang babies, papano kaya yon?
mas lalong di naman pwedeng makajamming si mommy monica, saan nya isasabit yong kandamakmak nyang mga alaga no? haaay!!! buhay abroad mahirap na masarap!!! mahirap kasi wala kang katulong sa bahay. ayoko din namang kumuha kami ng katulong tapos yong ahensya ibang lahi ang ibibigay sa yo. ano yon? magdudusa ako lahing indonesian, sri lankan, o di kaya indian? naku! wag na mahirap kausapin, halos lahat sa mga yon di gaanong marunong mag-englis. mahirap din palaging parang may nakabuntot sa yo. mas gusto ko yong walang nakiki-alam sa buhay pamilya namin. baka mas lalo lang uminit ulo ko pag ganon.

masarap ang buhay abroad kasi mabibili mo halos lahat ng gusto mo lalo na sa bansang ito halos palaging may sale. tapos isa pa mas may panahon din para sa pamilya kumpara sa pinas, matataas na nga mga bilihin sa tin, buhol-buhol pa ang trapiko lalo na sa kamaynilaan tapos marami pang mga drug addicts pati madurukot aabotin ka sa bahay mo na magkadikit na ang yong mga kilay. sabagay, dito may sarili kang wheels, kahit ano ng klaseng sasakyan pwede mong mabili yon nga lang, mag-ingat ka din sa mga pilosopong mga arabo lalo na kung magpalipad ng mga sasakyan kala mo mawawalan sila ng kalsada o kaya ng roundabout. at wag ka din minsan mapapatili ka sa mga pagiging primitibo ng mga ito kulang na lang mag-inuman sa mismong roundabout! oo! ganon sila pagmakakita ng kakilala o kaibigan kahit nasaan, nasa gitna man ng kalsada o sa gilid ng roundabout walang pakialam sa iba basta makikipa-usap at kumustahan sila.

ba’t kaya ganon sa atin no? sobrang hirap ng buhay. magtratrabaho ka ng walong oras minsan sobra pa kaso ang bayad halos pambayad lang sa ilaw at kuryente, upa ng bahay, pagkain, pang-araw-araw na pamasahe dagdag mo pa ang mga luho mo sa katawan. saan napunta sahod mo? parang di mo rin yata ramdam. pagkatapos ng isang buwan simula na namang bunuin ang isang buwan papano na kaya yon yong pamilyang tig-sasampu ang mga anak. kawawang mga bata!!! tsk..tsk…sana man lang mga tao sa tin magbago na. isipin ang kapakanan ng kanilang mga anak, di na anak lang sila ng anak di man lang maiisip na ala na pala silang maipakain sa kanilang mga supling.

ang sarap maging isang lokal, ang yaman yaman ng bansa nila, ito na yata ang pinakamayaman na bansa sa buong gitnang silangan. sa ngayon meron na namang panibagong oportunidad ang mga taong ito, andaming mga benepisyo na galing ng gobyerno at binigyan pa sila ng pautang mula sa mga bangko na walang interes para ipatayo ang mga bahay nila. sobra naman nilang swerte. kelan kaya mangyayari ang ganito sa atin? lubog-lubog na nga tayo sa utang pati yata apo ng apo pa natin ay may utang …di yata yon kaylan man mangyayari. masyadong malayo sa katutuhanan o realidad.

pero kahit ganon pa rin ang ating bansa mas gugustuhin kung doon manirahan at yumao sa sarili kung bayan. bangon pinas…bumangon ka…

Tu Wen’s big Day!!!

princess went to tu wen’s birthday. now he’s one year old, he’s our burmese friend. chinese restaurant is becoming “gas-gas” everytime that there’s a b-day party this place is the venue. why not other restaurants or hotels? nakialam ba sa may birthday!!!heheehheh anyways, chinese beijing restaurant is cheaper and you can have a lot of food and what i like is their “butche” it’s the best here in doha.
we saw the qafac families there. raymond is so big now, he’s the certified kuya to the babies and toddlers in the pinoy community. ebenezer also can walk and eat on his own. and tu wen can walk but his teeth just popped out last week.
princess has really a magic appeal on everybody, when we arrived she’s the center of attraction again in the crowd. there’s this beautiful half burmese and half danish girl she liked our munckin very much.
like other toddlers princess sat on the high chair and had also her chicken corn soup and ninong ely kept on bugging her.
on the way home we saw tita lutch and tito bob again we’re onto the same discussion on from whom princess got a lot more of her genes. one vote for dad nath as tita lutch really liked her to be the same face with her dada but, tito bob saw more …of course “pinagbiyak na bunga” kami ni princess…and the winner is momsy!!!