The New Look of our Christmas Tree

Thanks to the magic touch of Ninay Robin. It became his “panata” that every Christmas he’ll decorate the Christmas trees of his friends and we really appreciate your early x-mas gift to us. A bunch of thanks again!

Birthday Parties:)

We attended lots of birthday parties this past few weeks, from Matt’s birthday party in the newly built McDonald’s in Ras Abu-Aboud then the 1st birthday party of Jairus in Chinese Restaurant in City Center last Wednesday then the following day we also attended the Tinkerbell themed 1st birthday party of Anica Ysabelle in Junglezone, Hyatt Plaza and just today we came from MJ’s birthday party in McDonalds Al Sadd. Whew! It was like a birthday party marathon.

During Matt’s birthday party, my kids enjoyed almost all the games as usual Andrea is still  scared with the mascot, Hamburglar.  She was happily enjoying the musical game, just the 4 them, two older boys and Xianne and her and suddenly she quickly ran toward her daddy. She saw Hamburglar inside the party room. So there, still she’s scared with mascots. We don’t know how to keep her from being frightened with mascots. It’s only in her 1st birthday party that we allowed a mascot then after that we always request that mascots should not appear as opposite as to what parents would usually arrange for.

When we attended Jairus birthday party Ate Andrea was asking where the party was since mostly of the guests were adults and they were only 4 kids and 2 babies there. Anyway, they enjoyed the food especially the fried chicken and as well as the ube cake and the frostings on the cake. They played with the huge blue balloons and Sean found a new friend. Only that the balloons kept on exploding  that every time it would explode it was like a bomb explosion because of the big sound.

jairusbday.jpg   jairus5.jpg   chr8.jpg   linus.jpg

Anya’s Tinkerbelle themed birthday party was one of the best, Mom Wen really worked her butt on it that she even had one week leave just to prepare for the big celebration of her princess. She ordered online from some of her party supplies and she hired someone to decorate the place and turned it into a Tinkerbelle’s den. Andrea came to the party as a fairy (and specifically Elina as she would insist on it) and Sean as Superman but he was in deep slumber so he got no chance in wearing his costume since he woke up on the middle of the magic show.The kids had fun watching the magic show of the Junglezone staff, then the Pinata and lots of stuffs in the lovely purple loot bags which my kids can’t keep themselves from eating almost all the candies and chips and Andrea giggled upon seeing a Tinkerbelle pad with images to color in some pages and lots of stickers. A VCD movie of Peter Pan served as the give away and my kids enjoyed in re-watching it the following day as if they never have watched it before and still they are afraid of Captain Hook. And of course, the rides in Junglezone but it was only ate Andrea who had the chance to play since I had lots of things with me so we (me and Sean) preferred to go to Homes ‘R Us instead. And we love the Milk Fish and the Carbonara, as catered by La Rochelle (Restaurant is located in Al Sadd). For you Tita Wen Congrats! I know you combed all the stores in Doha just to find the things you need and you are one cool momma for that.

anyaa.jpg   anya2.jpg   anya1.jpg   anya3.jpg

Kuya MJ’s birthday party in McDo I guess was also fun, as  can be seen from ate Andrea’s face when we arrived there (we were late) since me and Sean had to do our grocery and do some window shopping while dad N was watching Formula 1. We were so happy to be reunited with old good friends and it seems like these never-ending parties after all will have no end since after this comes Ate Shey’s big birthday party bash as she turns 7 next week then Faith will turn two on the 14th and my brother’s big day and then our own princess 4th birthday party.

And in between those kiddie parties were also birthdays of my dear friends: Neth, Jinky, Ninay Rachelle, Manay Daryl and soon Ninay Obin.

Andrea’s First Day in School


Last week, our daughter Ate Andrea started her school in DMBS as KG 4. We woke up early at 6 am on Sept. 4 even we knew that we can go there in between 8 am to 9 am since the school Principal, Ms. Sandra Williams will give us instructions as to where our daughter’s room will be. We headed straight to the administration office and Ms. Sandra asked us which class our daughter we’ll be attending and I told her that she’s in KG 3. As she flipped through her records Andrea’s name can’t be found (silly us we didn’t check her name on the information board near the gate as we already know that she’ll be in KG 3) so she asked us again the family name then only to find out that she’s already in KG 4.

We were led to the KG4-Yellow classroom by one of the school staff and Andrea happily told her teacher her name when she was asked then quickly ran to the group of other kids in the front who are already singing with the assistant teacher. But I found out that in their record she has only Andrea as her name without the second name Lizette, so I informed them that it should be Andrea Lizette.

Her dad was also excited and very supportive that he applied for a leave of absence for one day just to make sure that everything will be okay. The only problem was that we don’t have transport since the school has no school bus. Luckily our friend Mavis was able to find one with an Indian driver but the problem is he’ll not be available on time with the 12:15 dismissal of classes and we don’t want to pay another 600 riyals just to let them stay in the classroom until 1:15 so another option is to find another driver who would transport us. We met some Filipino moms too there and they were kind enough to tell us that maybe our daughter can go with their transport but after a long discussion the Filipino driver can’t accommodate us since he’ll be short of his time if he’s going to fetch me first before going to the school. And he can’t accommodate also Xianne (Princess BFF) since their house is in Old Airport, so we have to find another one. As school policy kids in KGs and Reception should be fetched by a parent or a guardian, so that mean me and Sean should fetch her and still she’s too young to manage to walk from her classroom to the parking area.

Andrea’s first day was a colorful one. She was bubbly and she came home with two flowers (instead of stars) on both hands as a sign that she did great in her first day at school. Even her teacher was happy to tell her dad that she was a good girl. She’s attentive to the instructions and she follows what the teacher told her to do.She missed her little brother very much that she hugged him tightly and kissed him on the car and she showed to Sean at once her 2 flowers on her hand. She told us their activities on the first day of school. And I know that she’ll be okay now, her mind was set in going to school and she’ll be fine. We told her how much we love her and we are happy for her. 

Some of her pictures during her first day in school:

 andrea5.jpg    andrea2.jpg  

 andrea3.jpg    bff.jpg

Kabayan Daw!

Last weekend nagpunta kami ng Villagio Mall para maggrocery at kumain na rin ng lunch. As usual  si Ate P chicken lang sa KFC ang gusto at kami naman ni Str ang all time peyborit na Mushroom ‘N Swiss sa Hardees. Tulog si Sean kaya ako ang nag-order. Ang haba-haba ng pila sa KFC kaya inuna ko munang mag-order sa Hardees at ibinilin ko muna sa Pinay na staff ng hardees  na babalikan ko nalang. Pumila na naman ako sa KFC at ng malapit na ako sa counter umusog lang ako ng kunti to my right para si Ate P hindi maipit ng ibang nakapila ng biglang may kabayan na nagsalita ng “kabayan saan ba ang pila? Yong taong yon wala pa sya doon sa pila ng kami ay pumila. Sa tono nya para syang nang-aasar na alam naman nya kung saan ang pila. Hindi ko kailangan sa kanya mag-explain kasi alam naman nya.

At isa pa mas nauna ako sa kanya pwede namang lumihis ng konti ano buti kung mag-isa lang ako na pwede akong makipagsiksikan. Pero hinayaan ko sya at sinabi ko sa kanya na nauna ako sa kanya sa pila. Nasa linya pa naman ang anak ko di ba?

 Hindi rin sya bastos ano? Ng kinukuha na ang aking order sabay ang hirit nya ng kanyang order, sinasabayan nya ako ng salita kaya tiningnan ko sya at tumigil sya. Tapos sabay lingon sa kasama nyang babae at nagsalita sila ng Bisaya. Tinanong ulit sa akin ni Berwin ang aking order at nakikipagsabayan talaga ang bastos an lalaki sa likod ko panay ang salita sabi nya “kabayan, dalawang twister din sa akin!”. Dalawang beses nya sinabi ang linyang yon. Alam naman nya na hindi nya order yong kinukuha dapat mag-antay muna sya saka magsabi ng paulit-ulit ng kanyang order.

 Si Berwin naman (binasa ko at tinandaan ang nameplate nya) yong cashier sa KFC isa ring lito. Ang sabi ko sa kanya 3 chicken wings at sabay sabi nya ng hindi sila nagbebenta ng chicken na pa-isa-isa at pumunta daw ako sa McDo at doon meron. Sinong niloloko nya ako ba? o di kaya hindi nya alam kung ano ang tinitinda nila? Kelan pa hindi na nagbebenta ng chicken ang Kentucky Fried Chicken? At walang chicken wings sa McDo. Kaya sabi ko sa kanya okay hindi na pala kayo nagtinda ng chicken by piece (pero 4 pcs. nga ang ino-order ko). Sabi nya pwedeng snack box nalang at may chicken na yon. Kaya ako naman sumige nalang kasi nabebwesit na nga ako sa lalaing nasa likod ko at panay ang salita. At sinabi ko pa rin kay berwin na isa pang cheese cake at sabay abot ng 16 riyals. Hanggat maaari gusto ko na sanang umalis doon kasi ayokong makipagsagutan sa lalaking bastos na nasa likod ko. Sabi nya 10 minutes pa daw kaya nag-antay -antay ako. Pero nakaka-inis talaga yong lalaki sa likod ko kaya sinabihan ko si Berwin ng KFC na babalikan ko nalang sabay punta sa Hardees at kinuha ko yong inorder ko doon.

 Balik ako sa KFC after 10 minutes sabi ni Berwin  5 minutes pa daw kaya sinabihan ko sya na kung pwede asawa ko nalang ang babalik para kunin ang order ko.

 After 5 minutes bumalik si Str, hindi kasi mapigilan ng asawa ko na hindi magcomplain  kaya sinabihan nya si Berwin na bakit hindi na ba sila nagbebenta ng chicken. Bigla yata naalala ni Berwin na nagtitinda sila ng ganun kaya sabay sabi na meron naman daw. Sinuklian pa nya ng 2 riyals si Str. Binalik ni Str ang 2 riyals kasi alam nya na tig -apat na riyal ang bawat piraso ng chicken sa KFC. At mukhang hindi alam yon ni kabayan na 4 na chicken ay 16 riyals.

Minsan din sa mga mall may mga sales staff na mga masusungit. Sa akin lang naman kabayan ngumiti ka naman. Lalo na kung mamahalin yong mga paninda nila para bang ang tingin at ang tono ng sagot nila minsan ay “hello, kabayan mahal to at hindi mo afford no!”

Sa katulad ni Berwin ng KFC sa VIllagio Mall, huwag kang maging tuliro. Alamin mo ang inyong mga paninda at presyo para hindi ka magshort sa kaha mo. Huwag kang masyadong mag-apura na sasabihin mo na wala sa customer kahit meron para lang matapos kaagad ang ginagawa mo. Kung hindi lang ako nagpigil kakausapin ko sana ang manager mo para maleksyonan ka, kaso nga kawawa ka naman at kabayan ka kaya may konsiderasyon.

Sa’yo naman lalaking Bisdak, wait fot your turn, huwag kang ganyan kasi buti nga wala kang dalang anak na mapipipi sa linya di ba? Asawa mo ba talaga yong kasama mo  o alam mo na ? Uso naman yan dito di ba? Kasi mukhang hindi eh! Pasalamat ka hindi ko dala camera ko kasi pagnagkataon makikilala ka ng lahat.

Hindi ko naman sinasabing maging friendly tayo palagi sa mga kabayan kung ayaw mo pero di ba mas nakakagaan ng pakiramdam kung maayos ang pakikitungo natin sa ating kapwa lalo na pag kabayan. Nasa Pinas man tayo o wala maging maayos naman tayo sa kapwa natin. Kilala nga tayong mga Pinoy sa pagiging warm at friendly natin at higit sa lahat kilala din tayo bilang effective and efficient workers kaya huwag mo naman ipahiya ang lahi natin mga tsong:)

R.S.V.P. Us Please:)

I made an invitation card for my daughter’s 4th birthday party very much early, more than a month in advance and after making it I sent it at once to our friends with the emphasis on the R.SV.P.

Some friends replied at once to my invitation, stating their presence for the said party but they are only few, maybe the others have not yet opened my e-mail that’s why I did not receive a reply. If I receive an invitation to a party with RSVP then I would at once reply to the host, it’s like paying attention to the question if you’re going or not. Your firm indication would mean a lot to the party host. If RSVP is written on the invitation then the invited guests should tell the host wether or not they plan to come.

The reason behind why I had to send invites a month ahead is for me to have the fixed head count of who are going to come so that I can tell the restaurant the exact number of guests who are coming. This will keep me from overpaying foods for those guests who will not appear in the party. I need to know the quantity of the food that I’m going to order. I have to come up with the exact number of loot bags to prepare for the kids; how many for boys and how many for the girls. I need to know how many give aways should i buy. And that’s what RSVP is for. The term RSVP is from a french expression: ” respondez s’il vous plait”, meaning “please respond!” RSVP stands also for “Response Solicited for your Valuable Presence.”

Maybe their silence means a “yes”, they will come but then again it could mean “no”, they won’t come. Either of the two but I need an answer. Hope I could receive more replies and feedbacks if they’re coming or not.

Big School Here I Come!




Two more weeks and our daughter, Andrea Lizette will start here formal education in Doha Montessori and British School (DMBS) as KG1. Last Monday, Aug 20 together with her BFF Xianne and family we went to their school to inquire about the school uniform and some other important informations. We were given a info guide with all the rules and class schedules for the autumn, spring and summer terms and as well as the dos’ and don’ts in the school.

Then we were directed to the store in Salwa Road in front of Mercedes Benz showroom, to the Zaks store, from where we can buy  the uniforms and they are also selling other uniforms for schools like American School, Park House, Doha College and many others. The uniforms are quite costly, I bought 3 pieces of  size 4 dress uniform at Qr. 95 each, a P.E. shirt for Qr.50 and a trouser for Qr. 60. And we have to come back for the cricket hat and jacket with school logo. They are also selling book bags, shoes and school bags.

As of today she woke up earlier (5 am)  than the other days, as we prepare her biological clock with an earlier schedule of sleeping and waking so as not to shock her system when her school starts.

She’s looking forward to starting her new school. She’s so excited that she would always ask us how many days more before the school starts. She’s always telling stories of how it would be in her new school. I guess she’s more matured now unlike when she went to Mulberry Bush for her play school that longer time was spent in waking her up and she did lots of antics so that she’ll not go there. We are as well as happy as she is and I guess this is it. Her mind is set into something she like to do. And that’s a good start!

There are lots of moments that she tested our patience. There are lots of funny stories, some are horrifying just to let her stay in the house and not go to the nursery. She was not out of excuses and alibis and she was so quick on plans just to spare her in going to the play school. That was how it went when she started going there but gradually she accepted it.There was a time that I thought her dad send her already to the nursery but they ended up touring the city of Doha because she kept on crying. That time her dad was having his vacation so she just wanted to stay in the house and play with her dad and her brother. The puking antics came and the scared dad did not let her go to school even that they were already indide the gate instead he let her see what happens to kids who don’t go to school. He told her and showed her what would she’ll become if she’ll not go to school. They parked near a construction site ( as if my daughter is a boy that she’ll end up as a construction laborer if she’ll not go to school) to let her see how hard to have a job as a laborer. They went to a police station. They went to a maid agency. It was funny and at the same time annoying. But still you ended up in the nursery coz I  brought you there even if I had to trick you in getting inside the gate until we reached the office of the admin then to the classroom.

Things like these, stories of your childhood, of how you evolve on maturities in some aspects taught us lessons; it’s not only you my dear who learned a lesson but also us your loving parents.

We love you that’s why we have to mold you, to educate you and to discipline you.

The Nuisance

Have you ever had a nuisance caller? We have this caller who calls 4 times a day and he sounded like a man who has nothing to do for a day from a construction site or a place with a very annoying sound. He’s quite irritating just imagine myself putting my kids to a nap then the phone would ring or sometimes he would call as early as 7 in the morning; it’s like our landline number is part of his to call activity for 5 consecutive days.

So how on earth did that human being got our number? Maybe he randomly made a 7 digit number and dialled our number.

On his first call I told him “wrong number”. And then after a minute he called back again with urgency in his voice he’s telling something I can’t understand since he can’t speak straight English language and again I told him that I can’t understand what’s he’s saying and he’s calling again a wrong number  that’s the first day he called us.

The following day he called again twice then I called my hubby in his office to call this man so he’ll stop bothering us. By the way, this is his number 6619779, I memorized this number since the combination is easy to put in the head and heaven forbid me I want to wring his neck for not forgetting to call our number.

My hubby contacted this person thru that number and he denied that he placed a call to our landline number. Str told him that we have a caller ID in the house so we know who’s calling us but still he said that he did not call our number. My hubby got also pissed off that he called again this person and told him that we’ll report him to the police just to make him stop.

The 3rd day he called again. I did not answer the phone when his number registed as the caller then the 4th day and then the last day is the 5th day, he called only once then thanks God he stopped! I guess for now since he did not call our number again.

A very Long Happy Weekend!

Our weekend started with the 1st birthday party of my inaanak Angela in their house then followed by a late night booze with the QAFAC family group in Ninong Yam’s house. All the dads were in a mood for a drink and singing galore. This time nobody got tipsy and the party ended at 2 in the morning but the problem was we can’t go home, our car was sandwiched with two other cars. Thanks to the rude owners of the other cars who purposedly parked close to the rear and nose of our car. It’s wee hours so we had no choice but to leave our car there and let Dad Yam drive us to our house.

rudecar.JPG   rudecar3.JPG   rudecar33.JPG

We woke up very late the following day and went only to Lander’s place with Ninay Jinky for ate Andre’s Cinderella gown. I did not buy the C gown in Marks and Spencer. I was not satisfied it seems that there’s something lacking with it so I decided to just find somebody to make it. And the timing is perfect Ate Shey will be having her 7th birthday and they know the perfect guy who makes best gowns in weddings and other celebrations.

Ate Andrea and Ate Shey insisted of going to KFC and we ended up there. They played for awhile including Sean.

And our Saturday was very exciting yet tiring. We started our day at 5:30 am we woke up very early because we had a schedule, it was a swimming day in Intercon Hotel. Ate Princess was very happy as well as Sean. They met a 19 months old Aussy boy in the kiddie pool. They played a lot. The smile in Sean’s face, the happiness of Ate Andrea are so overwhelming. They kept on thanking Mom May for inviting us there. And thanks to Bima too. Our names are still in the system and we still have 35% discount on membership fee, so we’ll think about joining the health club there again.

Lunchtime was spent in another friend’s house. Kuya Edgar asked STR to fix two old computers so there. Together with Mom May and Dad Yam we went to Kuya Edgar’s house. Kuya Edgar cooked sinigang na hipon, it’s so yummy with some kangkong vegies and the fried hammour (lapu-lapu), the sweet watermelon and they have cake. STR finished fixing the computers nearly 5 pm so three families proceeded to Villagio Mall for our groceries and some window shopping. And we were home at 8 in the evening. Everybody went straight to bed after changing clothes and I woke up and remembered that I still have to call my bosom friend who happens to be back here in Doha from a long vacation. 

intercon1.JPG   intercon2.JPG   interconq.JPG

blog2.JPG   blog4.JPG   intercon10.JPG

blog3.JPG   ih.JPG   str.JPG

Wedding Dinner Party

Last Sunday night we went to Rachell and Clint’s wedding dinner party in Great Wall of China Restaurant. Ninay Rachell is the godmother of Sean Linus and a sweet and thoughtful friend. We met Rachell when I was pregnant with Sean and she’s the ultrasound technologist in QP Clinic.

 She was so accommodating that I opted to make an appointment for the ultrasound parallel to her schedule so that she’s the one who’ll do it and not the other guy who happens to be of another nationality. Its not that I don’t want other nationalities (I have nothing against them) but I have this feeling of being taken cared of, the TLC of a kabayan rather than other nationalities in QP Clinic who doesn’t care if they are hurting you already or just that they are like that, callous and unmindful of other’s emotions. And it goes the same way regarding the health of my kids if they get sick we prefer a kabayan doctor and have a second opinion from my hubby’s brother and sis in law.

So that’s how our friendship started and I can still hear Rachell’s words…”Ay! Lalaki ang baby nyo! Ang haba ng legs nya at my lawit!”  And from there on we definitely knew that our second baby is a boy. Our friendship flourished and we asked her together with my hubby who happen to be there with me during my 2nd ultrasound to be a godmother of our baby boy. She’s so sweet as a ninang that she always asks how her inaanak is doing.

Best wishes to you Ninay Rachell and Ninong Clint!!!

The best part of having a dinner in Great Wall of China Restaurant is the yummy buchi. That’s what I always look forward to in dining in this resto.

wedding1.JPG   momzy2.JPG   seanzy.JPG