Towards a Healthy Home

As I always opt for a healthy lifestyle for me and my family, it’s better to know what are the factors that lead to or adds to the stress at home. For one, I hate clutter, I can’t consentrate my readings when my eye catches a glance on Princess books scattered on the floor or worst when their playroom looks ransacked and stuffs inside the cupboards in the kitchen are not in order or when dirty clothes in the laundry room are not arranged in every basket according to colors, or when clothes in the cabinets are not neatly piled and not in a color scheme. Do I sound like Bree Van de Kamp in the Desperate Housewives? I’m not totally the same with her case, the obsessive-compulsive thingy but I think I’m close to that state.

Back to what my topic is all about, clutter is one factor that affects us. Yes, Indeed, don’t laugh at me. it’s not only my home but yours too! Am I right? Our home is another aspect of ourselves. It mirrors our personality. It is the outer reality that reflects what is happening inside our home. If your home is tidy it goes hand in hand with the notion that there’s a routinary act of decluterring.
One stressor is clutter. So what is clutter? It’s definition is “A confused or disordered state or collection.” If you have lots of possessions and a little time to do the things you want to do. We always hoard on the things that we want and not minding that we always bring more inside our house and we care less on where those stuffs would go.

Those things that we do not regularly use, not anymore cherished, stored in wrong places, half-finished craft projects, broken objects, unwanted things in our homes are considered as clutters. To top it all, imagine yourself in your small bedroom with all those stuffs lying everywhere, overflowing mixed things in your drawers at the bedside table. Isn’t it an ugly sight. The word is saturation.

As much as possible, I stick with my routine of housework, giving more importance on cleanliness and keep our abode tidy. MInd you, I have my schedule of houseworks. Return every used stuff on its proper place. Always review my shelves if our things are in proper places and to see what I am storing. If I need them or if it need to be given or disposed.

Every week I would start from one drawer in our side table, then to the drawers in my hubby’s wardrobe then to my kids cabinets and then to another room, the receiving area then to the kitchen and the end point of my decluttering are the comfort rooms. If you’ll let the clutter pile up then you’ll be too lazy to clear it. And every time I would pass a room and found something on the floor my reflex would normally bend down and get that stuff and return it to its proper place.

NOw friend, you know that my time, my whole day is not enough taking care and nurishing my kids plus the houseworks. So, I should not be hearing anything from you how on earth I would be so busy just being at home.
The next stressor is too much gadgets, too many modern electrical toys like TV’s, DVD’s, X-box, computers, cellphones, to cut it short, electropollution in our homes. Too much usage of these high-tech stuffs would also make us weak after too much hours of usage and exposure. Of course, the Lhuddite in me, is creeping in again. I want also those stuffs above but too much of them has also negative effects on our health. It’s great to be wired with computers plus the Internet, it’s great to have easy access on communication with the use of Chikka, Skype, GoogleTalk, and more and be easily reached by families and friends especially in our case that we are miles far from them but we have to make sure that we have limit in all those earthly pleasures.
Another is Chemical Pollution. You’d ask me how on earth it would affect us in our homes. Did you wonder how your fresh fruits and vegetables were grown? I’m talking about the pesticides that were used in growing those fruits and vegetables.

Carpet deodorizers, carpet cleaners, synthetic materials used in our homes that range from the carpet to the chemically treated woods in our furnitures,paints on our walls, air fresheners, insect repellants, toilet cleaners or cleaning fluids, powder detergents. All these chemicals has a negative impact to our health.

If only I could change our flooring I would have chosen a wooden floor and without carpet. Natural fiber floorcoverings I guess would do in some areas for it doesn’t hold too much dust. While carpets hold much of dusts and dustmites and vacuuming twice a week is a must.

As I struggle for a healthy home and a healthy family I know I need to switch to natural cleaners like bicarbonate of soda for our carpets. Just sprinkle it on the carpet before vacuuming and adding essential oil for a pleasant smell.Vinegar can be used to clean windows and it can be used to remove stains.
I’m gonna say goodbye to the brand of the furniture polish that I always buy, I can make my own by mixing a lemon juice and an olive oil. And dried rose petals can serve as air freshener.

And most importantly have a good sleep, sensible diet, exercise, but with my sedentary lifestyle, I know exercise is the solution for a healthy me and my family.