Cotillion de Honor

Ate Shey’s Grand BIrthday Celebration Part II: The Cotillion de HOnor

Usually, Cotillion de Honor is a higlight during 18th birthdays but Mom Jinky included this in Ate Shey’s birthday to make some twist in the celebration. Ate Shey and her friends danced to Waltz NO. 1 while the guests were dining.

cotillion11.jpg   cotillion12.jpg

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Movies Every Night

Movie time is after dinner (if it’s still early)  and on the weekends. Sometimes we watch 3 movies in a row. |We are waiting for the new episodes of TV series 24, LOST, Prisonbreak, HEROES and American Idol.

Here are the movies that we have inside our XBox:

  1. 88 Minutes
  2.  Alpha Dog
  3.  Antbully
  4. Apocalypto
  5. Cars
  6. Catch a Fire
  7. Charlotte’s Web
  8. Cinderella 2 Dream Come True
  9. Disturbia
  10. Employee of the MOnth
  11. Fantastic Four
  12. Fracture
  13. Free Jimmy
  14. Freedom Writers
  15. Hannibal Rising
  16. I Think I Love My Wife
  17. Little Miss Sunshine
  18. Live Free or Die
  19. Mr. Bean’s HOliday
  20. Mr. Brooks
  21. Open Season
  22. Over the Hedge
  23. Perfect Starnger
  24. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
  25. Pirates of the Carribean- The Curse
  26. Premonition
  27. Pride and Prejudice
  28. River Queen
  29. Scrat No Time for Nuts
  30. Stranger than Fiction
  31. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  32. The Astronaut Farmer
  33. The Contract
  34. The Departed
  35. The Fountain
  36. The Guardian
  37. The Holiday
  38. The Last Mimzy
  39. The Lookout
  40. The Lost City
  41. The Number 23
  42. The Queen
  43. Transformers
  44. The Tripper 
  45. The Wild
  46. Trsitan and Isolde
  47. Vacancy

Survivor: The Cook Islands Edition


Finally I got time to watch the TV series Survivor, a reality television game show that is produced around the world. The one that i’m hooked on is the Survivor Cook Islands Episode.

There are 20 stranded strangers in the island and they were divided into 4 tribes. There is the Puka-Puka tribe( the Asian American), Raratonga Tribe (Caucasian Americans), Aitutaki (Hispanic Americans), and the Manihiki Tribe ( African Americans). And each tribe compete in every challenge; the reward challenge or the immunity challenge. Whats good with this reality TV show is that each challenge would prove each contestants endurance, intelligence (for the problem solving), dexterity, will power and teamwork.

At the final Tribal Council, each of the seven jurors vote for who they want to be the winner. Jeff Probst takes the container with the votes, and it is secured until the live finale of the show when the votes are revealed and the million-dollar winner is announced.

Every player receives a stipend for participating on Survivor depending on how long they last in the game. The known prizes for All-Stars are as follows: 2nd = $250,000; 3rd = $125,000; 4th = $100,000. In most seasons, the runner-up receives $100,000, and third place wins $85,000.

The million-dollar winner also wins an automobile, as does the winner of a specific reward challenge in each season (excluding the first). All players also receive an additional $10,000 for their appearance on the reunion show.

From Kapamilya to Kapuso

For more than 2 years of watching Kapamilya ABS-CBN, we switched to Kapuso (GMA Pinoy TV) and found out that it offers a lot more than just the entertainment but a wholesome presentation of the news without much of the exagaration as opposite to what I observed from the Kapamilya Network.

To those who would want to have a switch of heart, here are the shows in Kapuso:

24 Oras — a primetime news telecast
Art Angel — A kiddie art show
At Your Service — a public service program
Bahay MO Ba ‘to? — a sitcom
Bakekang — a soap opera of an ugly woman (Sunshine Dizon as Bakekang) who makes her daughter into an star.
Bitoy’s Funniest Videos — a comedy show
Bubble gang —
a gag show
Captain Barbell — action-adventure series (I hate this! The Pinoy version for Smallville. It sucks!)
Daddy Di Do Du–a sitcom
Daisy Siete — a seasonal drama series
Debate with Mare and Pare –a debate show
Eat Bulaga — a daily noontime variety show
Emergency, an informative show
GMA Flash Report –a breaking-news like program in place of some commercials
Hokus Pokus —a sitcom
Hot Seat
–a informative, debate show
Imbestigador –an investigative show
I-Witness –a documentaries
Joyride –a Teen Show series
Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho –an informative show
Kay Susan Tayo –a magazine show
Lagot Ka, Isusumbong Kita–a sitcom
Lovely Day–an informative children’s show
Love to Love– a twinbill romance miniseries
Magpakailanman–a drama anthology
Mahiwagang Baul–a children’s show series
Majika –a Fantasy Series
Mel and Joey–an informative/celebrity talk show
Mobile Kusina–a cooking show
Now and Forever--a seasonal drama series
Nuts Entertainment–a Comedy Show
Pinoy Abroad–a travel/informative show about OFWs (overseas Filipino workers)
Pinoy Meets World–a travel and exploration show
Pinoy Pop Superstar–a singing contest
Reporter’s Notebook–an investigative show
Review Philippines–an English-language news program about the Philippines
Saksi–a late night news program
S-Files–a Sunday showbiz-oriented show
Showbiz Stripped–a celebrity talk show
Sis–a morning variety/talk show
SOP (Sobrang Okey Pare)–a concert TV
SOP Gigsters, a concert TV/variety show
Startalk–a Saturday showbiz-oriented show
Unang Hirit–a morning informative/talk show
Wag Kukurap–a reality horror show
Wish Ko Lang–a docudrama, Wish granting show
Click–a Teen Show (Series)
Walang Tulugan– a talk show that is entertainment-oriented

A new fanta-serye, Atlantis, is also coming soon this month of October.

I highlighted those shows that I enjoyed most.

GMA Pinoy TV is just QR. 89.00 every month and it comes with the Orbit Cable. The following are also included: Animal Planet, Hollywood, CNN, MBC 2,3 and 4, NBA, Fashion TV and a lot more.

Busy Bees!

Just finished watching the 1st Season of Desperate Housewives, Yup! I got addicted to these tv series, to name a few… Smallville, Prison Break, 24, Lost, not to mention Family Guy.

Days are so swift, to the point that I sometimes don’t know which day it is alreasy. As I mentioned in my last blog entry I don’t have a maid anymore, so that’s it. Everyday is a hectic day. My whole day is not enough for my toddler who’s nearing three and my 9 mos. old baby.

It occurred to me lately that I gained again the weight that I lost on the first week that I returned our maid, which means that I easily adapted to this endless juggling of houseworks and keeping my sanity intact for the moment that my kids are still like cavemen (when will this end?).

Friends kept on asking me if I can make it. Don’t insult my capacity of course I can do it but the sad part is I became so damned impatient and easily irritated. I feel sorry for my toddler I quickly snap on her everytime she makes demands and attention. And I feel bad about this. I don’t want to be a monster mom to my kids but sometimes I just can’t help but to snap at them or worst spank her. I know, I told myself tht I won’t resort to spanking and yelling but what happened to me. I guess it’s not too late I can still change my parenting style.

I love my kids and I want them to feel my love for them.

weekend treat”)

We went to City Center to catch up with some friends and it’s the birthday of Princess godfather; had a dinner at Applebee’s and headed to the movie theater to watch War of the Worlds…Yes! for the first time we let our 21 months old daughter to watch a movie, yon nga lang sci-fi pa at hindi cartoons. Buti na lang hindi sya umiyak and she let daddy Nath to carry and hug her and sometimes sat beside ate jelay or transfer to me again. Natapos din namin yong movie pero parang bitin yong ending and how come that Tom Cruise was able to use a car while yong other cars di umaandar? Parang may kulang but the effects were great. In a scale of 10, i’ll rate it with 8.