Bye E!

I just finished all the housework, Yup! I”m back to being the Certified Plain Housewife doing all the chores, multi-tasking almost all of the time, saving time and energy by making chores easier so that i’ll have ample time for my toddler and my 7 month old baby.

We send back our maid (Edith Napal Pinonongan) to her friend (Mira Labor), it’s too sad for her but we have to do it for our own sake also. We paid all the expenses (read: Qr 7,000.00 or P 100,000.00 in pesos) and the needed fees but they fooled us until now E has no visa as a maid. And to make it worse the person who is responsible for all of this mess is always hiding and running away from E’s friend and her name is Fatima Abdulla (beware of this person, she’s selling visa as front but the truth is there’s no visa to sell.

Last year, 1st week of May we went to the house of the brother of M ( she’s working as a secretary in an agency ). We approached her coz we thought that she’s a good person and she’s working in an agency and we needed badly to have a maid for I was 3 months away from my delivery due date. And we had known from a friend that they also got their maid through M.

We agreed on her terms (M’s) even not having to run through the resume of the person that she was endorsing for us to hire. All that we heared from her was that that person/maid had enough experience for she had worked as a maid in Singapore and here in Middle East. Even M’s demand for every 2 year vacation ticket, a day-off every week, and the maid;s ticket plus the visa (which by the way, was to huge, doubled the usual fee) and the renewal fee for the 2nd year of the maid’s visa; all of that we agreed and paid her. Of course that maid that she wanted us to get is her friend.

From May til June and here came the month of July, M, had lots of excuses ( take note: we gave the money, a total of 7000 riyals on the month of May), she said that after 10 days the visa will come out and after a week the maid will come. The same mantra and excuses, and i was fed up and I even told my hubby to forget about that maid and just get the money from M so that we can get another maid.

But they told us to just wait for 3 more days and surely she’ll arrive and I even endured (M’s) sister -in -law’s mocking statements like, “Oh, aren’t you soo excited to have your maid?” My main concern is that if the maid is not coming then we can find replacement and have reimbursement for the payments that we made as early as possible.
And finally, on July 27 2005, the maid showed up (E). It was a horrible experience for me. Knowing that she had already an experience for being a maid I thought that our life would be easier and I was also preparing for the coming of our second baby, just a week away and he’ll be coming. The reason why we wanted the maid to come as early as possible so that i’ll have ample time for orientation and making her feel homey with us. But to my dismay, It was like I paid and bought a hammer that I could pound on my head in a day to day basis. But still, I gave her a chance that maybe, one day I’ll wake up and she’ll learn what I’ve been teaching her on how to do things especially in cleaning and cooking.

We treated E as one of the family but she really had this attitude that you’ll not know how to respond to. She’s the kind of maid that you have to tell her what to do and worst how to do things the proper way. It was hard for me, remember I was pregnant and knowing that my temperament was like a roller coaster and I was on the verge of exploding. My God! You have to tell her everything.

From the proper vacuuming of the carpets, to the cleaning of the comfort rooms ( the one that we are using and hers), cooking you can’t depend on her ( she sucks!) just frying but still chicken and fish would come out super golden nearly burned), even laundry she would mix the whites with the colored clothes, and worst when it comes to folding of clothes, to the proper sterilizing of my toddler’s bottles…to top it all, I or we was not satisfied with her performance. but we insisted that she’ll learn putting aside all of our anger for hiring this kind of maid.

To make things worst, she’s the kind of the maid that would put every blame to another person just to make an excuse why she failed this and that, she’ll not be short on excuses.

For her 8 months in our family we had forgiven her pea-sized brain but we had to say enough! Legalities and proper documents to back off her stay her in abroad were lacking and for our safety we have to return her to her friend M.

We feel sorry for E, she’s the victim. I didn’t know at first that she was cancelled by her past employer her in Qatar ( a locale family) and how come that M managed to get her from Philippines. If a person has been cancelled then she/he can only come back here after 2 years. And now, M is blaming Fatima (the person whom M bought the visa for E) for all the mess that E’s facing.

If E will be found by the Immigration that she’s an alien then she has to pay all the penalties before deportation.

I found out also that they paid somebody in the immigration here in Qatar some money just to let her come back since she was canceled by her past employer. This thing that they did was unlawful in the first place and now the question is how come Fatima Abdullah can fix Edith’s visa if she came in in an illegal way.
Caution: Don’t trust anybody even a friend when it comes to money matters.

People here in Doha, be reminded that even your own kababayan can fool you.


Name of Maid: Bernardita Napal Pinonongan

Passport No.: QQ0567915

Date of Birth: May 20, 1963

Passport EXPIRATION: jUNE 17, 2010


ISSUED : July 05, 2005

Expiry: October 03, 2005

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