Busy Bees!

Just finished watching the 1st Season of Desperate Housewives, Yup! I got addicted to these tv series, to name a few… Smallville, Prison Break, 24, Lost, not to mention Family Guy.

Days are so swift, to the point that I sometimes don’t know which day it is alreasy. As I mentioned in my last blog entry I don’t have a maid anymore, so that’s it. Everyday is a hectic day. My whole day is not enough for my toddler who’s nearing three and my 9 mos. old baby.

It occurred to me lately that I gained again the weight that I lost on the first week that I returned our maid, which means that I easily adapted to this endless juggling of houseworks and keeping my sanity intact for the moment that my kids are still like cavemen (when will this end?).

Friends kept on asking me if I can make it. Don’t insult my capacity of course I can do it but the sad part is I became so damned impatient and easily irritated. I feel sorry for my toddler I quickly snap on her everytime she makes demands and attention. And I feel bad about this. I don’t want to be a monster mom to my kids but sometimes I just can’t help but to snap at them or worst spank her. I know, I told myself tht I won’t resort to spanking and yelling but what happened to me. I guess it’s not too late I can still change my parenting style.

I love my kids and I want them to feel my love for them.

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